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Why Your Business Bathroom Design is So Important

Why Your Business Bathroom Design is So Important

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You might not think much about your business bathrooms ideas other than to ensure that they are cleaned regularly and available for anyone who needs to use them at any time. However, your business bathrooms ideas are much more important than you might think, which is why you need to put some serious thought into their design.

Not convinced that you need to put too much time or effort into your workplace bathroom design? Here are some important reasons why you’re wrong.

1. First Impressions Count

Okay, so we all know most to expect the Sistine Chapel when we walk into a business bathroom, but most of us do want to see clean sinks and toilet bowls and a pleasant smell as a minimum, If your bathrooms are dirty, smelly, and not exactly easy on the eye, then any customers who use them are not exactly going to get a good first impression of your business. That is why designing bathrooms that are easy to sleep clean and tidy is so important.

2. Inclusivity

One thing you need to think about when designing your business bathroom is whether or not they will be inclusive. These days, for example, you need to ensure that you have sanitary bins in every toilet, including the men’s because transmen may need to use sanitary products, and men with various health issues may need to use incontinence products. They deserve the same respect and dignity when using the bathroom as everyone else.

3. Functionality is king

Now, I’m all for a bathroom that looks the business, but it’s got to work like a charm as well. Think about the flow of traffic during those morning rushes or the dreaded post-lunch queue. A smart layout ensures that there’s no awkward jostling or uncomfortable waiting. And please, for the love of all things civilised, let’s have doors that lock properly!

4. Sustainability matters

These days, being green isn’t just about the colour of your bathroom tiles. Sustainability is so important to so many people that you can win over customers, employees, and anyone else who uses your bathroom by making its design as sustainable as possible. How can you do this? Consider implementing eco-friendly features like energy-efficient lighting, water-saving faucets, or even recycled paper products as a starting point. Even making one or two of these changes will have a positive impact on the planet, and save your business money in the long-term too.

5. Accessibility isn’t optional

Of course, one of the most important considerations when it comes to business bathroom design is accessibility. You have legal obligations to ensure disabled staff and customers can access the facilities just like everyone else, so it is vital that yu leave enough space in stalls for wheelchairs, have wide enough doors, and access ramps where necessary. Hoists and disability aids can also be useful too.

As you can see, business bathroom design really is pore important than you might have given it credit for in the past, so be sure to ake it seriously!

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