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19 Things To Do In London For Free

19 Things To Do In London For Free

Things To Do In London

We are here to present you a list of budget-friendly side of London exploration! The city presents a plethora of enjoyable yet affordable experiences and activities. Dive into these 19 cost-free things to do in London, spanning from captivating historical landmarks to bustling and vibrant markets.

Fun things to do in London

1. The Majestic Buckingham Palace 

Things To Do In London- The Majestic Buckingham Palace

Topping our list is none other than the recognizable Buckingham Palace. You are aware of the location of the Queen’s residence. Ever watch the Guards changing? This is the only place where you may witness this rite, which is both customary and distinctive. If you time it correctly, you will see the guards marching to a live military band while wearing their organised red uniforms!

2. The Tower of London 

For history enthusiasts, a must-visit awaits: the iconic Tower of London! This historic marvel, once a royal residence, a penitentiary, and even a mint, is now home to the dazzling Crown Jewels. Uncover the Tower’s enigmatic past through a guided tour led by the famed Yeoman Warders, affectionately called Beefeaters. Brace yourself, as some tales might send shivers down your spine!

3. The British Museum 

Things To Do In London-The British Museum

The British Museum is a veritable gold mine for those who enjoy art and history. This museum will take you through human history with over 8 million pieces. The Elgin Marbles, the Lewis Chessmen, and the Rosetta Stone are just a few of the wonders awaiting you here.

4. The West End Theatre District 

The West End Theatre District

Would you like to see a performance of outstanding theatre? You must be in London’s West End! There is a show for everyone featuring timeless classics and current songs. Grab a seat, enjoy the show, and let the beauty of live theatre take you by surprise.

5. The Mouthwatering Borough Market 

Hungry? Come on, let us go to Borough Market! Your taste buds are in for a treat with its maze of food kiosks serving delights worldwide. You will want to give everything a shot. Be sure to sample the hot-off-the-oven sourdough bread.

6. The Tate Modern 

An outstanding collection of contemporary art may be seen at Tate Modern. As you explore the remarkable industrial structure, you will discover masterpieces by Picasso and Hockney. The view from the Tate’s balcony is stunning, even if modern art is not your thing.

7. The Serene Hyde Park 

Need a break from the city buzz? A peaceful haven can be found in the center of London in Hyde Park. You can hire a pedal boat, feed the swans, or unwind on the grass while reading a book. If you are fortunate, the bandstand may be hosting a live performance!

8. The Thrilling London Eye 

The London Eye

Time for a bird’s-eye view! You will fly over the city soon after entering one of the London Eye’s glass capsules. The breathtaking views and the leisurely rotation let you take the ideal pictures. For a truly stunning experience, go during sunset.

9. Camden Market 

Are you up for a little unique shopping? The energetic ambiance of Camden Market is a sight to behold. There are unique items everywhere, from homemade jewelry to vintage clothing. Remember to look at the street art as well!

10. The Historic Westminster Abbey 

Lastly, Westminster Abbey is a royal church with over a thousand years of history. Walk down the same aisle as William and Kate, awe at the magnificent Gothic design, and pay respects to some of the greatest British leaders interred there.

11. River Cruises and Walks

Tower Bridge

With the Thames, London is the same. Want to take a river cruise? Many trips include meals, historical explanations, or exhilarating speedboat rides. The Thames Path offers a lovely riverbank stroll if you would rather stay on dry land.

12. Literary London

From Dickens to Rowling, London has influenced a large number of writers. Visit the British Library, go on a walking tour with a literary theme, or look around renowned bookstores like Foyles. The Charles Dickens Museum is a must-see in the author’s former residence.

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13. Premier League Matches and Wimbledon

Do you enjoy sports? Visit Wembley Stadium or watch a Premier League football game. If you like to play tennis, Wimbledon provides a distinctive experience, whether you watch a match or go to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

14. Harrods and High Tea 

Shop at one of the most renowned department stores in the world, Harrods, to see London’s opulent side. Follow it with high tea at places like The Ritz or Claridge’s for a sophisticated British treat.

15. Unusual Attractions

London has unique and unexpected attractions in addition to the regular tourist sites. Visit Neal’s Yard, the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, or St Dunstan in the East to find the secret garden. Less well-known areas of the city can be just as charming!

16. Family Fun- Museums, Zoos, and Parks

Natural History Museum

Are they taking a family vacation? The Science Museum, Natural History Museum, and London Zoo all provide engaging, fun-filled activities for kids. Spend the day at one of the numerous parks in London, like Regent’s Park, which features fun playgrounds and pedal boats.

17. Music Lovers Rejoice

Rock legends and classical greats both have a significant musical legacy in London. Visit the British Music Experience to learn about rock ‘n’ roll history, see a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, or go on a musical walking tour to famous locations.

18. Architectural Marvels

The skyline of London is a fusion of the old and the new. Admire the impressive dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the cutting-edge Shard, or the unique Gherkin. Take a guided walking tour to uncover hidden architectural gems, or do not miss Sir John Soane’s Museum, a mansion turned architectural wonder.

19. Seasonal Festivities

Festivals and seasonal events showcase London’s vibrant culture. Get a taste of the excitement of New Year’s Eve fireworks along the Thames, the joy of Christmas markets, the color of Notting Hill Carnival, the custom of Trooping the Colour, and more. No matter the time of year, attend London’s festivities.

For those enthusiasts of Netflix’s period drama The Crown who are planning a trip to London, England you may enjoy visits to the following historical sights.

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