Charly Arnolt: Balancing Success and Passion

A Journey through Journalism, Travel, Fitness, and Life
Charly Arnolt: Balancing Success and Passion

Discover and learn the method of balancing success and passion with the multi-faceted world of Charly Arnolt, a captivating and outspoken TV personality and sportscaster who has successfully transitioned from ESPN to a host on the national multimedia streaming platform, OutKick, along with her role as a contributor on Fox News Channel with her show on Outkick expecting to debut this Fall. Now, the world has an opportunity to hear her fresh, dynamic takes on everything from sports to politics and everything—and she is not holding back. But, as we learned, there is so much more to Charly than just her career.

RM:  How do you manage to balance your personal life and your career as a TV personality?

Charly Arnolt (CA): It's not easy. In my 20s, I was all about my career—and poured every ounce of me into it to reach where I am now. I didn't really have a choice. However, in 2020, right before COVID, I made a resolution to find a more balanced lifestyle—aka find a boyfriend! Dating is tough in NYC! The pandemic obviously affected those goals, because I fled to Florida for most of the year, but I remained intentional about finding the right person. I realized in my last relationship just how much I could give and now feel so ready to be someone's equal partner–while still maintaining focus on my career.

That being said, the current love of my life is Zorra, my 3-year old Cavalier King Charles, the best COVID acquisition a girl could ask for. It's funny though, because I can only imagine if I love my dog this much what it's going to be like to have actual children of my own and the intensity of that kind of love.

RM: You mentioned your love for travel. What are your favorite destinations?

CA: I love traveling, especially to Europe during the summer. The Mediterranean sun really brings an energy back into your body that you don't quite get anywhere else. I love the food and wine, so obviously I love places like Italy, Greece, and France. Additionally, as a history buff, I enjoy educational trips too—like recently I traveled to Poland to visit Auschwitz as I have some Jewish ancestry and I felt like that was just a cool way to explore some of my past.  Traveling enriches my life in so many ways.

RM: Tell us about your family and their influence on your life.

CA: I am an only child and have a close relationship with both my parents though they are divorced. My father, though an entrepreneur now, is a journalist by degree, while my mother is a speech pathologist. Put those two things together, and you get me—a broadcast journalist!

RM: Tell us about your move to Outkick and Fox News

CA: It has been unbelievable. I have been limited for the past five years or so to talking strictly about sports from an objective standpoint, and not so much about opinion-based content because that's just been the nature of my job. Additionally, a lot of boundaries were placed on me because of who I worked for. You want to be respectful of your employer and their prerogatives, but if you do have a lot of opinions, like I do, it can feel a bit confining and restrictive.

Since coming to Outkick and Fox, I feel like I can breathe again! I have run the gamete on topics that they've asked me for my opinion on ranging from politics to news, pop culture, and sports.  It's been really refreshing because I have a lot of things I'd like to say, and I have knowledge in areas that don't just pertain to sports. 

RM: Tell us a little bit about Hannity and other shows you've done

CA: Well, Sean Hannity has been fantastic. From day 1, he has given me so many opportunities and I'm so thankful for that. I've also had a blast joining Gutfeld, because I have a bit of a background in improv and standup comedy. Jesse Watters, and the cast of Fox and Friends also have been delightful. I appreciate that people value my opinion and want to hear what I have to say, and it's just unbelievable to be in this position. I'm so thankful and I feel that this is just the beginning of what my life is going to look like and the doors that will be open for me by making my move to OutKick—especially once my show starts there!

RM: You've been on both sides of being an interviewer and an interviewee whether it be with the WWE, ESPN. Do you like giving interviews or getting the interviews? 

CA: I love them both. For the most part, I have been on the side of conducting the interview, which I really love because I'm such a people person and I love getting to know people's stories.  I feel like I have a knack for getting others to open up and say things that they wouldn't say under normal circumstances. However, I've also found it fascinating to open myself up because I believe that as you unlock that part of yourself and bring it out when prompted, you start recognizing the multitude of things you've tucked away inside your mind. My job as I see it will always mainly be in the seat of interviewing, but now as a contributor, it's fun to get to do both.

RM: Who was your favorite interview?

CA: One of my favorite interviews was about 10 years ago with Peyton Manning who is my favorite athlete. I'm from Indianapolis and so growing up there he was the man and as far as I see, still is the man! Generally speaking, though, it's so interesting to interview athletes in different situations. For example, talking to a player during the regular season versus the playoffs heading into a championship game because you see a different side of them in those moments as you realize every move they make can have so many different repercussions. The intensity of athletes who are on the cusp of greatness is captivating.  

RM: Is there a huge difference between talking to WWE, where you also used to work, versus players from the NBA or NFL?  

CA: There's a difference because WWE is scripted, whereas, in the NBA, NFL, or regular sports, it's the opposite and everything is up to chance. It was interesting to speak with the WWE greats, like Stone Cold Steve Austin. When someone is great and when they're able to achieve greatness, they just have that 'something' about them. When you talk to them, it just shines through, and you can tell. 

It's been really cool to get to work in different worlds and I have a knack when it comes to talking to people to bring out different sides of different people. I'm very thankful to have had all the different twists and turns in my career. A year ago, I wouldn't have ever known I would be on Fox News talking politics. And I'm sure a year from now, there'll be something else I'm experiencing that I never could have predicted.

Q: How do you unwind and what are your favorite hobbies?

CA: I'm very passionate about fitness and I have my personal training certification. I was interested in understanding how to formulate workouts and how I could benefit, although I never actually trained anyone else using it. For a while I had an app where you could sign up to get my workouts, and there's still a few random stray subscribers that make me maybe $15 a month [laughing]. I used to be very intense about weightlifting and I able to squat 180 pounds and deadlift upwards of 200 pounds, but now I have majorly backed off!

Now I like Pilates, and I'll just do more casual light weightlifting. I love to walk and go on walks multiple times a day with Zorra. I also love to read.  My reading is mostly consumed by just news right now, but I'm a big history buff. I love to read novels that have some semblance of historical fact. I am big on trying out new restaurants and I have a goal of taking some wine tasting classes in my near future to learn more about wine.I'm eager to learn to play the piano and used to play the violin. 

Q: Any favorite restaurants in your neighborhood?

CA: Hillstone is a go-to, Cosme's duck carnitas are incredible, and Eataly is great to pop into for fresh food and drinks. Nubeluz on top of the Ritz Carlton Nomad is perfect for drinks with sunset views. Veronika in the Fotografiska Museum is also a gem. 

With a bright future ahead, Charly Arnolt continues to inspire and make her mark in the world of broadcasting. Her genuine approach to life and work serves as a reminder that it is possible to find harmony amidst the chaos of the limelight, making Charly Arnolt a true role model for aspiring broadcasters, fitness enthusiasts, travelers, and beyond.

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