London to New York: Mixing Styles for a Fresh Look

London to New York: Mixing Styles for a Fresh Look

London and New York are destinations known worldwide for their stylish residents. Both New Yorkers and Londoners take epicurean —or luxurious — pleasure in creating incredible looks for no reason other than they can. Whether it's a black tie event, a birthday, or just a trip downtown for some tea or groceries, residents of both cities know how to deck themselves out. Each city has a unique take on fashion, and there are things you'd wear to an event in London that just wouldn't fly in New York and vice versa. But what would happen if you brought the sensibilities of two very different cities together to create some new kind of sartorial experience? Let's find out.

New York Style

Icons: Andre Leon Tally, Chloë Sevigny, Jane Birkin

First, let's define what's so impressive about each city's fashion senses, starting with New York. The quintessential stylish New Yorker is sharp as a switchblade and always ready to try something new. New Yorkers take basics like a white tee, good quality jeans, and the perfect pair of black sunglasses (snagged at a designer sunglasses sale, of course) and a pair of slingbacks and craft them into an outfit that will take them from brunch at the park to a late dinner. They choose a few statement pieces — that red leather handbag, a pair of slinky earrings that reach the collarbone — and add these to a simple formula to create excellence.

London Style

Icons: Kate Moss, Jourdan Dunn, Alexa Chung

Where New Yorkers are simple and often pared back, Londoners are more eclectic. The mix of vintage, high-end, and high street means that Londoners of all economic backgrounds can afford to look chic and put together no matter the occasion. Classic sensibilities permeate London looks in the tailoring, boots, and crisp white shirts of particular looks. The Bohemian effect is also evident in velvet blazers, fluffy colours, and flared jeans. The London look is hard to define, but overall, it is eclectic and often a little dressier than New York.

Meeting of the Minds

Though London and New York, each being huge, contain multitudes in terms of style, those are the overarching themes defining residents' sartorial outlooks. Combining these two styles can be tricky, but we've got some guidelines that will keep you chic always and cheap never.

1. The Second Layer

This is an ideal adopted by London women year-round and New York women when the weather begins to change. Even if it's warm out, you can add interest to a simple, chic outfit with a second layer — be it a sheer overshirt, open button-down, or cardigan. You can wear blazers and coats open if it's not too cold, with layers underneath to stay toasty.

2. No Daytime Heels

Londoners and New Yorkers have abandoned the excessively high heel as a daytime option. If you'd like a height boost, go flatform. If you'd like some form of heel, go kitten. New York and London are big cities with many trains to catch and many blocks to walk. Choose a mule, a slingback, or even a well-styled women's lifestyle sneaker before the sun goes down.

3. Carry a Tote

What that tote is full of is entirely up to you. This is a firmly New York-style move that's practical and cute. If you're out and about with no time to head home before an evening out, it could contain a change of clothes. If you're at the farmers market or shopping in Camden town, it could contain the spoils of your outing. Life throws things at you, and that tote will catch them all.

4. Sunglasses Set The Tone

The sales that happen twice a year every year in both London and New York as the seasons change can yield an exciting array of designer goods at lower than usual prices, particularly sunglasses. A simple outfit, a la New York, can be dressed up a la London, by the right pair of shades.

5. Reach for Vintage

Vintage is revered — and rightly so — in both London and New York. Not only are you contributing to the secondhand economy, which helps to minimise fashion waste and thus give Mother Earth a helping hand, but you're also probably going to find some true gems if you know where to look. The items you choose will help to define your looks. As a New Yorker, you may want to grab a plain black blazer in a simple wool — reach for the black velvet one instead and invite London into your life. As a Londoner, you may be tempted to reach for something floaty from the summer section — choose a well-tailored cotton dress instead and live like a New Yorker for a bit.

Wrap Up

Considering these trans-continental style tips when you shop and style yourself can add something extra to your looks. Instead of fitting into one box, you become box-transcendent and elevate your style to a new level that tells the world you have something special — real taste.

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