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Global Ambassador Amy Green Hosts Inaugural Footprint of Life Gala with The Green Vision Foundation

Global Ambassador Amy Green Hosts Inaugural Footprint of Life Gala with The Green Vision Foundation

Inaugural Footprint of Life Gala

Amy Green and her husband, Gary, hosted the inaugural Footprint of Life Gala at their residency in Bridgehampton this summer. The family-run The Green Vision Foundation curated a night to bring together like-minded organizations to collectively support and bring much-needed awareness. The humanitarians  produced an incredible jungle-themed “50 Shades of Green” soiree to benefit the charity partners’ work to preserve and protect the natural world, promote community upliftment, and most importantly support conservation programs across Africa. This inaugural day aims to pave the way for many more events to come that will center around the New York region and other communities throughout America.

Amy Green and her husband

An Enchanting Evening: Blending Art, Music, and Philanthropy in a Glamorous Gathering

More than just another party, inaugural footprint of Life Gala represented a movement that guests could fully embrace during a glamorous night that showcased captivating moments cocktails, curated food stations, a live auction, as well as a special guest performance by JAN BLOMQVIST. Additionally, work by David Yarrow, recognized as one of the best fine art photographers in the world, was prominently displayed. The artist has been documenting the natural world from new perspectives and the last nine years have been career defining.

Education on key conservation efforts which protect wildlife and enhance livelihoods across the world was a key focus during the party as well as recognition on the critical need for action to combat the illegal wildlife trade, anti- poaching efforts to protect endangered species, and preserve the planet’s biodiversity and dwindling natural resources.

“Sustainability, conservation, education, and love of animals have always been close to my heart,” states Amy. “I have been promoting these causes throughout my life and am honored to take this a step further by creating The Footprint of Life Gala. This has been a dream of mine for a long time and I know together we can spread a word of love, kindness and commitment to create significant change.”

Amy Green

Empowering Philanthropy: Supporting Recognized Global Causes for Conservation and Community Enhancement

The philanthropic causes that will benefit include an array of well-recognized global organizations. Tusk for more than three decades has produced innovative conservation action in Africa. With HRH Prince William’s Royal Patronage, the charity raised $130M+ for conservation and community livelihood programs.  ACCF connects global citizens with strategic African community and conservation programs, offering a gateway platform. ACCF expands with projects: Karingani, Mozambique; Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park; Malilangwe Trust, Zimbabwe.

“As a mother, I understand the importance of this for the next generation,” reflects Amy. “I consider the climate crisis, escalating stats, and irrevocable damage, mindful of the world my daughter inherits. We cannot continue to ignore the crisis. ACCF initiates impactful conservation, anti-poaching, and community outreach programs, fostering change in African and global contexts. Conservation is a key component of protecting ourselves, our planet, and our future. ACCF values: address urgent issues, invest in Africa’s ecosystem, promote sustainable practices for long-term rewards.

Sponsored by Zangrillo Family Foundation and Russel James, The Green Vision Foundation’s event partnered with Tusk, UNICEF.

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Following last year’s Karibu Africa event at their home, the couple continues philanthropic efforts supporting Tusk and ACCF conservation work. In March 2022, they engaged with the Fire and Ice Gala supporting 100 Billion Meals, Tony Robbins’ hunger crisis initiative.

Former FOX Sports journalist Amy chairs and advocates for African Community & Conservation Foundation, 100 Billion Meals, and The Tusk Trust.

As a humanitarian and philanthropist, she is no stranger to helping others in need. The opportunity to elevate a platform for giving with The Green Vision inspired her to establish a movement. Fueled by deep familial love, she evolved into a visionary committed to funding and aiding global organizations. Amy’s passion has found a meaningful purpose and promotes the important values found in active advocacy today.

For more information on Amy and the Footprint of Life Gala, Please Follow this Link:

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