DJ Milica: Transforming A New Era of House Music — A Dynamic Journey to Revolutionizing Electronica Across the Globe

DJ Milica: Transforming A New Era of House Music — A Dynamic Journey to Revolutionizing Electronica Across the Globe

In the new era of DJing, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more daring and innovative presence than the burgeoning mononymous mixmaster, DJ Milica, who has been dominating the UK and Southern European club scene with a unique combination of novitiate style and finesse. With an innate ability to bridge continents through her pulsating sets and infectious energy, DJ Milica has garnered a kind of attention and acclaim which have extended far beyond the confines of geographical boundaries, propelling her forward to become a standard must-have artist amongst industry-established stars such as Nic Fanciulli and the Martinez Brothers. From her distinct house sound to her deep-rooted connection to the Ibiza club scene, it's evident that DJ Milica is here to stay. 

Balancing a DJ, producer, and mother's life, Milica Mazzoncini hardly took a pause in the past four years. Using the moniker 'DJ Milica,' Mazzoncini began in music 15 years ago as a writer-producer before embracing Europe's DJ scene.

Emerging as a multi-talented electronic music mainstay, the DJ reflects on recent whirlwind years of success. "Even places that refused to book DJs before the pandemic are now starting to host in-house entertainment," Mazzoncini said. "DJing prospects surged significantly in the past year and a half, encompassing restaurants, lounges, and hotels. This lifestyle is definitely not for the faint of heart." 

Ibiza's picturesque shores launch Milica's DJ career, connecting her with industry greats like Matthias Tanzmann and The Martinez Brothers. Alongside the Martinez Brothers, Mazzoncini also credits her long-time friend, British DJ and label owner, Nic Fanciulli. 

"I feel so lucky to have had so many talented people help me to hone my craft," Mazzoncini said. "From Ibiza to Miami and New York, genuine self-expression and a love for electronic music connect me with incredible crowds. Watching people jump up and down to my songs and live mixes means everything to me." 

Across states or continents, DJ Milica faces challenges in her budding career, yet discovers purpose amidst obstacles.

"Recent years witnessed significant change in club DJing, particularly for women, noting a substantial transformation in the scene. A wave of strong women ignited change, extending beyond the music and addressing our prolonged absence from the forefront. It's an honor getting to work alongside them and witness this in real time."

Citing London's infamous E1 nightclub and Ibiza's Destino as being amongst her favorite live performance venues, Mazzoncini is now looking forward to conquering the globe with her newest mixes, this time under the latest facet of her career as a producer. Her two most recent productions, Somebody At Space and Bad Room, both come from her forthcoming EP, and have already been played in sets by renowned Italian DJ Marco Carola and the UK's Nic Fanciulli. 

Milicia's unwavering career pursuit in a demanding industry roots in pure passion, she explains when asked about motivation. "Above all, I would advise new DJs to be almost doggedly persistent in their pursuit of opportunities. Your patience and passion for music sustain you as DJing trends fade, anchoring you in dedicated work. Stay prepared to step into the booth; your next significant success might be right around the bend, assuredly.

Save the date for DJ Milica's upcoming set at Sasson's all-night Lío Ibiza Bâzâr on Thursday, August 31st.

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