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GloVerse Agency: Meet the Hot New York Ad Agency Transforming Miami’s Marketing Scene

GloVerse Agency: Meet the Hot New York Ad Agency Transforming Miami’s Marketing Scene

Branding and Advertising Expert | GloVerse Agency

As recently as five years ago, you’d have been hard-pressed to find a successful marketing agency that wasn’t based out of New York City. For leading branding and advertising expert, Michael Glovaski, this was an unacceptable truth. Established in the wake of a 20-year tenure working for noughties advertising agencies like Havas Worldwide and Deutsch, Glovaski established ‘Glo Creative’—now GloVerse Agency—with a singular mission of creating branding solutions, and guiding the agency toward working with global visionaries, the likes of which including Annie Leibowitz, philanthropist Michael Capponi’s Global Empowerment Mission, and brands and TV networks such as Diesel, Alibaba Group, and Chris Ruddy’s Newsmax — not to mention a suite of influencers such as Lisa Vanderpump, Joanna Krupa, Charlie Sheen, and Paris Hilton. 

Michael Glovaski

Gone are the days when marketing revolved solely around New York City; in a mere half-decade, marketing trailblazer and GloVerse Agency CEO, Michael Glovaski, has made sure of that fact, steering the national scene toward the idyllic, sun-drenched urban landscape of Miami, Florida, proving once and for all that the Big Apple’s long-held gravitational pull could be resisted. 

Where agencies once clustered, Glovaski’s vision has radiated outwards, giving rise to GloVerse Agency with one unwavering goal: architecting ingenious product development and pioneering marketing solutions for legendary public figures and brands alike. 

Working on both Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 1992 People’s First movement and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Glovaski has transcended the boundaries of traditional, straight-laced marketing to generate advertising for candidates across the aisle, all the while developing groundbreaking PR for tech powerhouses like Samsung and Philips Electronics. 

The technological uprising of the 2010s wasn’t just a liberation; it was a revelation. No longer anchored to New York City, marketing agencies have erupted across formerly unsuspecting cities like Austin, Raleigh, and GloVerse’s home base of Miami—all of which emerging as newfound cradles of tech innovation. 

At the nexus of this transformation stands Glovaski, serving as a testament to the dynamic embodiment of embracing change, resonating with other agencies as a rule breaker and trailblazer of the industry. As the man who once parlayed with Sex Pistols impresario, Malcolm McLaren, and helped to design and produce Samsung commercials for both the NFL Super Bowl and the Olympics, Glovaski knows a thing or two about breaking the mold.

Michael Glovaski

At GloVerse, Glovaski has been championing a different, more modern form of e-commerce technology, establishing the agency’s groundbreaking intuitive ‘GloBot’ for luxury e-commerce websites. Alongside developers, Glovaski has created an integrated customer response system engineered to be up to 30% faster and more intelligent than comparable systems, and combs through entire databases to provide multilingual services to everyone from prospective doctor’s patients to superfood shoppers. A client directory featuring luminaries like ‘The Queen of Versailles,’ Jackie Siegel, and the iconic Queen of Country, Dolly Parton, underscores GloVerse’s command over state-of-the-art branded content.

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GloVerse Agency’s evolution transcends conventional advertising, encompassing cutting-edge brand development and strategic partnerships with industry stalwart and acclaimed Dolly Parton manager Danny Nozell’s NOZ Entertainment, and SPI International, the latter of which boasting over 42 worldwide television channels. 

In the past year, Glovaski has forged a notable collaboration with Apple’s newest line of Vision Pro VR headsets to introduce immersive virtual concert and travel experiences to people across the globe, making hyperrealistic, high-resolution live performances available at the touch of a button. Most recently, Glovaski has also christened a new era of GloVerse endeavors with a strategic partnership with entrepreneur Loni Farhi and French film director Phillipe Martinez’s media production house, MSR Media

For Glovaski, tackling an innately human creativity-based field in a market filled with AI has been nothing short of an adrenaline-fuelled adventure. However, more than ever before, the avant-garde CEO feels up to the task. When asked how he does it, Glovaski’s take is simple: “If it were easy, everybody would be doing it.”

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