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RAND LUXURY Celebrated Ferrari along with the 75th Anniversary of Porsche at the Annual “Hamptons Concours”

RAND LUXURY Celebrated Ferrari along with the 75th Anniversary of Porsche at the Annual “Hamptons Concours”

Luxury Car Events

Bradford Rand and his team including Andrew Levitt at the world-renowned luxury car events company RAND Luxury produced a private charity brunch & concours in collaboration with Ferrari of Long Island, Manhattan Motorcars, Morgan Stanley, my Martin / Louis XIII and more. The exclusive, invitation-only concours sold out well in advance and Kenneth & Maria Fishel hosted it at their Bridgehampton estate.

Luxury Car Events
Mike Endico, Bill Endico, Fabio Granato

Luxury Car Events

The event supported The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) for cancer cures and the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF).

Exquisite Ferrari and Luxury Cars at the 2023 Hamptons Concours

The annual event showcased one of the largest gatherings of collectible spectacular vintage and new Ferrari Motorcars the Hamptons has ever seen and the collection of vehicles present was estimated in value over $100 Million. Nearly 80 Italian masterpieces were reviewed by automotive connoisseurs and celebrity judges, led by Chief Judge Glenn Simon. In addition, The Hamptons Concours also featured new vehicles from luxury brands Including Aston Martin, McLaren, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley.

Rémy Martin courteously provided ‘Telemont’ champagne, and Cohiba supplied hand-rolled cigars to greet the invited guests. French Baharani luxury brand Qannati, known for their wearable jewelry objet d’art had on display pieces valued from $85,000 – $195,000.

Luxury Car Events
Masmood Qannati, Thierry Chaumu

Guests at the Event

Notable Attendees included: Bradford Rand, Ken Fishel, Maria Fishel, Georgina Bloomberg, Victor Green, Bradley Fishel, Alexandra Fishel, Brian Miller, Stu Fields, Tom Yang, Steven Morea, John Aalto, Ryan Friedman, Tracy Turco, Peter Cook, Diana Cochran, Jennifer Allsopp, Soren White, Fabio Granato, Consuelo Vanderbilt-Costin, Cagri Kanver.

Soren Whiterr
Nicole Noonan, Steven Knobelrr
Victor Green, Bradford Randrr
Jerry Turco, Tracy Turco

Julie Romo Auclair, Ken Fishel, Maria Fishel, Bradley Fishel, Alexandra Fishel

Melissa Rand, Bradford Rand

Alba Jancou, Peter Cook

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Kagri Janverrr
Cornelia Vanderbilt, Susan Shin

You can find details of the winners of the 2023 Hamptons Concours on

The Event Sponsors

The event sponsors included: Ferrari of Long Island, Remy Martin Louis XIII, Morgan Stanley, Apollo Jets, Aston Martin Long Island, Ferrari Club of America Empire State Region, Manhattan Motorcars, BeauGeste Luxury Brands, Briston, Classic Automotive Relocation Services, Rally Point east, Cohiba, The Baker House 1650, OPTYX, The Glenrothes, DeLonghi, Garia, Hiatus Tequila, Sports Car Market, Long Island Sports Cars, Lux Contemporary, Lyrical Asset Management, McLaren Long Island, Nero, One Roq Vodka, Pantera Owners Club of America, PCar Market, Qannati, Quintessentially, XO, Ryan Friedman Motor Cars, Swoon, Champagne Telmont, Palm Bay International, Taub Family Selections, The Botanist Islay Dry Gin, Total Marine, 1738 Accord Royal, Vantage Auto The Reserve, Cyberisk Alliance, Putnam Leasing, Grandstand Sports Memorabilia, Boxed Water.

About RAND Luxury: A Legacy of Exclusive Events

RAND Luxury hosts charity events featuring luxury cars, jewelry, electronics, private jets, watches, wine, art, and more in select locations. Since 1993, the team has produced 2,500 events, including Job Expo, TECHEXPO, Cyber Security Summit, Luxury Technology Show, and more. RAND Luxury has also produced numerous automotive launch unveilings for Lamborghini, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati & McLaren!

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