The Most Instagrammable European Beaches 2023

The Most Instagrammable European Beaches 2023

You've probably seen lots of pictures of sunny beaches this summer. Beach photography is an art form that captures the essence of coastal beauty. After all, who goes on vacation these days without taking several photos? Indeed, so many people post their vacations on social media that it's become an indicator of the most popular destinations, and travel agencies know it. That's why Holidu revealed the best beaches in Europe in 2023. Would you like to know where Instagrammers are going this summer? Come with us!

Follow the Hashtag

Choosing the places for the best shots is part of the preparation for holidays and is almost as important as clothing and essential items for some. How would people know you had an amazing time otherwise? With beach photography, you can freeze the moments of serenity as waves caress the shoreline.

While posting pictures on Instagram, many users add a hashtag of the location or add the location on the map. That's how travelers make everybody jealous of their journeys. Those hashtags also leave an important clue behind. We can see how many people have been to each place and elaborate a ranking of the most posted about on Instagram. Whether it's the sunrise painting the horizon with warm hues or the joyous laughter of children building sandcastles, beach photography encapsulates the magic of the seaside.

Would you like to take memorable pictures in heavenly destinations as well? Let the rankings below inspire you.

Zandvoort aan Zee 

  • Posts: 589K

Zandvoort aan Zee, in the Netherlands, is the most tagged European beach on Instagram. Surely, the Formula 1 track helps boost its popularity, but the place is full of attractions for all tastes.

During the summer, the city is taken by festivals, pavilions, and a lively cultural scene. However, many tourists come to Zandvoort just to enjoy the sun and the sea and have a restful time. Those who love water sports will also find the perfect spot in this windy corner of Europe.

Playa de Las Canteras 

  • Posts: 205K

Finding the most attractive beach in the Canary Islands is an easy task. Playa de Las Canteras is a strong contender. Las Canteras is located at Las Palmas, Gran Canaria's capital. The place combines a paradise-like coastline with a fully developed urban area, with all the amenities you can imagine.

The weather is as generous as the landscape, and it's pretty warm all year. The calm waters are perfect for family holidays, and you can have a fantastic time just by walking barefoot along the coast.

Omaha Beach

  • Posts: 142,700

In Northern France, Omaha Beach secured its spot in history as mark zero of D-Day in WWII. You still can find memories of this battle everywhere in museums, cemeteries, and landmarks.

Indeed, Omaha Beach will be forever attached to those memories. Still, those memories don't tell everything about the place. The blue sea brings peace now, combining perfectly with the now bucolic feel of its coastline. Now, if you want to enjoy both history and nature, check La Pointe Du Hoc, the western corner of Omaha Beach, where the sands are walled up by 30-meter-high cliffs.

Spiaggia Di Boccadasse 

  • Posts: 131K

Welcome to the Italian Riviera! Local tradition tells us the beach was first populated around 1000 by Spanish fishermen. More than a thousand years later, Spiaggia di Boccadasse remains a fishing village with views to the past. 

Despite the urban area's expansion, the island's historical part remains intact. Apart from the postcard beach, you'll undoubtedly include in your Instagram, take some time to visit the Turke Castle, Neptune Square, and the inlet of Vernazzola. 

Praia da Rocha

  • Posts: 62,084

Praia da Rocha, in Portugal, might not be the most tagged beach on this list, but don't be mistaken by the number of hashtags. It's one of the most beautiful beaches in Algarve, with the most famous coastline in the country. Here, soft sands are greeted by a warm Atlantic Ocean, where River Arade ends. 

There's a wide range of attractions available, from boat trips to casinos and sports facilities around the area. Rocha means "rock" in Portuguese, and you'll guess where the name came from quite quickly. There are unique rock formations along its almost two miles of coast, inviting long walks with jaw-dropping views.

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