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Vegan Restaurants Los Angeles: Top 5 Spots to Try

Vegan Restaurants Los Angeles: Top 5 Spots to Try

Vegan Restaurants Los Angeles

Are you searching for great vegan places in LA? The city is famous for movies and sunny streets, but now, it’s also becoming a big name for its best vegan restaurants. These places don’t just serve food – they offer memorable times around the table. When you want restaurants with vegan options, LA has plenty to choose from.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 vegan spots that everyone’s been talking about. 

1. Crossroads Kitchen

Crossroads Kitchen-Vegan Restaurant
Photograph: Crossroads Kitchen

In the heart of Los Angeles, Crossroads Kitchen stands out as a premier vegan restaurant.  Chef Tal Ronnen combines Mediterranean flavors with inventive vegan twists. Ready for a treat? Dive into the peaches & whipped feta appetizer sprinkled with marcona almonds. You’ve also got to try the impossible cigars paired perfectly with a kick of spicy almond milk yogurt. If pasta calls your name, the mafaldine cacio e pepe won’t let you down – think rich parmesan paired with a hint of black pepper. 

If you’re feeling a bit fancy, the fettuccine & truffles are decked out with fresh truffle slices.  At Crossroads Kitchen, dining goes beyond just food; it’s a taste of the best that Los Angeles has to offer.

2. Café Gratitude

Café Gratitude-Vegan Restaurant
Photograph: Café Gratitude

In Los Angeles, you can find Café Gratitude, a popular spot known for its delicious vegan meals. Every dish served here comes with its unique story. For breakfast, you’ll discover a satisfying chorizo breakfast burrito featuring tofu, avocado, and almond burrata, all complemented by tomatillo salsa. If your cravings lean toward the sweet and savory, there’s also the choice of chik’n and waffles. This entails crispy oyster mushrooms atop Belgian waffles, accompanied by a drizzle of maple syrup.

Moreover, another enticing option includes a tofu scramble combined with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. And if your taste leans towards toast, there’s a delectable fresh avocado toast adorned with radishes and a delightful vinaigrette.

If you’re ever in LA, you should definitely check out Café Gratitude. It’s a place where each bite takes you on a culinary adventure.

3. Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre
Photograph: Gracias Madre

In West Hollywood, Gracias Madre is a unique spot known for vegan food in LA. The menu is full of Mexican flavors and dishes that blend tradition and creativity.

One delicious option is a tortilla filled with beans, vegan cheese, and vegan chorizo. Another tasty choice is a cashew cheese dip with jalapeños. Don’t forget to taste the popular guacamole & chips.

You’ll also find jackfruit lettuce cups that taste a bit like chicken salad, but use jackfruit instead. Overall, Gracias Madre is an ideal place to explore vegan versions of Mexican dishes.

4. Au Lac

Vegan Restaurant
Photograph: © Au Lac 2023

Downtown Los Angeles is where you’ll find Au Lac, serving up memorable Vietnamese flavors. Each bite transports you from the lively streets of LA to the bustling lanes of Ho Chi Minh.

If you’re new here, a good start is the crimini pesto – a tasty blend of mushrooms, basil pesto, bell peppers, and pine nuts. The BBQ pork roll might sound traditional, but it’s actually vegan. Imagine soy pork flavors paired with tangy pickled veggies, all wrapped in brown rice paper. For a satisfying crunch, go for the egg rolls filled with a mix of jicama and taro.

Don’t forget to try their salads. The Norrito combines cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, and more, topped with a tangy lime leaf sauce. There’s also the kale sea salad, a mix of seaweed, kale, and cucumber, finished with a touch of sweet teriyaki.

5. Pura Vita

Pura Vita Los Angeles
Photograph: Pura Vita Los Angeles

Pura Vita offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. Taking inspiration from around the world, this spot puts a vegan spin on familiar dishes, prioritizing the use of fresh and raw ingredients.

To begin your dining experience, consider the avocado crostini. This appetizer combines grilled ciabatta, ripe avocado, and juicy heirloom tomatoes, all topped with a drizzle of basil oil. For those who adore breakfast, the almond ricotta pancakes featuring a delightful wild blueberry topping are a definite winner. 

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Alternatively, you might be tempted by the nutella pancakes adorned with strawberries.Lastly, don’t overlook the brioche french toast with fresh strawberries accompanied by a dollop of coconut whipped cream.

At Pura Vita you can celebrate the very best in vegan cuisine.


Los Angeles is known for its iconic films and bright sun, but it’s quickly earning a reputation for outstanding food, especially in the vegan scene.  

As someone who’s lived in LA for years, I’ve enjoyed countless meals at these vegan restaurants with friends. You can also find tasty options in sherman oaks restaurants as well as los feliz restaurants. 

Whether you’re downtown or in Studio City, there’s a vegan spot waiting to impress you. If you haven’t been to these places yet, consider this your invitation!

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