The Four Best Santa Monica Student Housing Options

The Four Best Santa Monica Student Housing Options

A charming neighborhood within the Los Angeles metro area, Santa Monica is the ideal place to move when relocating to Southern California. Students accepted into a nearby college may be looking for housing. Given that the Los Angeles area is known for its high real estate prices, you may be concerned about finding the ideal fit. While there are plenty of high-end apartments and homes in Santa Monica, there are also affordable options for Santa Monica student housing. You can find an excellent place for your first year if you know your budget and criteria.

Here are four great student housing options this fall in Santa Monica.

1. Apartment Rentals

The simplest option for any incoming freshman or graduate student is to rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment. You can use platforms like Tripalink to find the best deals available for UCLA student housing in the coming weeks and months.

Renting has upsides. You'll have peace of mind because if you live alone, you will always have a safe space to return to after classes, extracurricular activities, or late-night excursions.

Remember that you will likely have to sign a one-year lease if you rent an apartment. Most buildings in the Santa Monica area cater to students, meaning it is not essential to have an extensive credit history is not essential. If you have a parent or guardian willing to become your guarantor, you have a better chance of being quickly approved for an apartment in this area.

2. Shared Spaces — Co-Living

Those who may not like the idea of living alone when they first move to Santa Monica for college, or cannot afford a studio apartment, should consider co-living. You can use Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or other online forums to discover people looking for roommates for their apartments or houses in Santa Monica.

The benefit of such a housing arrangement is that you only need to worry about paying your portion of the rent. If there are utility expenses, they are likely being covered by the person who pays rent each month. Even if you are splitting utilities, you only need to pay that person a specific sum along with your portion of the rent.

Co-living is also beneficial as you can easily make new friends in an unfamiliar place. If you have never lived in SoCal, you may feel disconnected and out of the loop during the first few weeks. Coming into a larger apartment or house that already has three or four people living there can be a great way to break the ice for your Santa Monica experience.

3. Homestays

These are arrangements where you stay with a local family, either for free or by paying a modest sum each month.

Such arrangements may be difficult to find if you do not know anyone in the area, but they are possible. If you have any friends or family who know people in Santa Monica, get in touch with them to see if they know anyone who may want to rent out a spare room for a little rent each month.

4. Campus Housing

The price can be steep compared to renting an apartment or sharing an off-campus place with roommates, but there are advantages to on-campus housing.

If you're on student loans to pay for college fees or have scholarships, you may be able to tie your housing costs into those totals. That would allow you to live on campus for the first semester or year without paying much money up-front. 

Consider campus housing for at least the first semester of your first year of college if you can't find off-campus housing.

Final Thoughts

Take your time before you choose any of the above Santa Monica student housing options for your first year in Santa Monica. Think about what you hope to gain from your first year at college. 

By understanding how much you can spend each month on housing, assessing your most important criteria for finding a room or apartment, and then seeking one of the above options, you can find the perfect place in Santa Monica.

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