Unwinding in Paradise: A Wellness Retreat at W Fort Lauderdale

Exploring the Wellness Retreat at W Fort Lauderdale
W Fort Lauderdale
W Fort Lauderdale

Correction (3/6/2024): An earlier version of this article mistakenly referred to one of the restaurants with the wrong name. The correct name is "The House on the River." We apologize for the error and have since updated the article to reflect the accurate information.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a wellness and health retreat at W Fort Lauderdale in Florida. If you're seeking a retreat that emphasizes self-improvement and provides a fantastic environment, then W Fort Lauderdale is worth considering. Allow me to elaborate. The hotel is not only well situated on the beach with direct access and chair service, but it also boasts an on-site gym and spa, along with a variety of activities in the vicinity. These facilities make the hotel an ideal choice for a wellness and health-oriented getaway.

To start the journey, we assembled in the suite on the 24th floor, which is the highest level in the hotel. This particular suite is absolutely stunning, featuring a large balcony that encircles the entire space, perfect for hosting gatherings. The suite provides a remarkable amount of room thanks to its open layout.

Steak 954 Jellyfish
Steak 954 Jellyfish

Dinner at Steak 954

After indulging in champagne in the hospitality suite, we proceeded to have dinner at the hotel's steak restaurant, Steak 954. Our dining experience was a delectable five-course meal that started with outstanding popovers and a delightful tuna crunch. Following these appetizers, we savored dishes such as lobster, flavorful potatoes, tuna tartare, American Wagyu burgers, and, of course, steak, among many others.

For dessert, we relished a chocolate souffle, which was highly favored by one of my colleagues, as well as a chocolate ganache cake that was my personal favorite due to its rich melted chocolate paired with delicious vanilla ice cream. Additionally, we also indulged in a heavenly cheesecake, which was also well-liked by everyone.

In general, the meal was extremely tasty, complemented by excellent wine, and we greatly appreciated the atmosphere, company, service, and cuisine at Steak 954. The popovers were especially remarkable and continued to be a point of conversation the next day because of their outstanding flavor.

The Room

Guest Room with an Ocean view
Guest Room with an Ocean view

After dinner, we went back to our room. I was staying on the second highest floor, facing the waterfront. The panoramic views of the water and the city were astonishing. The balcony had a couch and chairs, which allowed us to fully enjoy the magnificent scenery. The bed was placed in front of the window, offering a beautiful view to wake up to and exceptional comfort. It was an amazing room and a very pleasant stay!

The next day, we hopped in an Uber and arrived at JB&C in just 5 minutes. This hidden gem, situated close to the hotel, delighted us with its selection of healthy smoothies, juices, acai bowls, and a delightful ambiance. It was an ideal way to begin our wellness journey.

Palm Reading

After our morning meal, we headed to our first activity: getting our palms read. The palm reading took place at Astrology Crystal Visions, a palm reading studio that has been passed down through generations within a family. It was truly an incredible experience. Each of us was paired with either the mother or the daughter, and we all walked away feeling that their insights were remarkably accurate and resonated with each of us individually. One of my companions was particularly surprised by how they discerned that her partner was of a different race, and I definitely felt that they understood me, with their predictions hitting close to home. Our discussion revolved around travel, writing, and achieving success.

Lunch At Sobe Vegan

SoBe Vegan
SoBe Vegan

After a very successful palm-reading that left me better than I was before, we headed back to the hotel before lunch. This is at SoBe Vegan which is right outside the hotel which makes it a perfect spot for lunch. 

After a very nice lunch where we all enjoyed our food and the atmosphere outside with the beautiful weather we took our bikes and went on a bike ride.

Bike Ride

W Fort Lauderdale provides free use of delightful bicycles for up to 2 hours, a great perk given the hotel's waterfront setting and the presence of bike lanes for a scenic ride. We took the bikes to Park & Ocean, enjoying a picturesque ride along the water. Once at the park, our PR leader Liz surprised us with a lovely spot for drinks, relaxation, and complete tranquility.

After enjoying some beers and drinks at a scenic location, we grabbed our bikes and cycled around the park, which proved to be the perfect distance. As we pedaled along, we were treated to the sight of multi-million dollar homes, luxurious yachts, and the breathtaking intercoastal on our right-hand side. It was a delightful bike ride through the park, and we relished each other's company as we leisurely made our way through.

After leaving the park, we cycled back on the designated bike paths and returned to our hotel in time for dinner.

Dinner at The House on the River

The moment I walked into The House on the River, with those huge trees everywhere and the river right there, it was clear this place was going to be something special. You can feel the history in the walls of the old Bryan home. It sets the perfect atmosphere for a great meal.

They have a straightforward yet totally spot-on approach to seafood and coastal dishes that hits the spot. I had the amazing Shrimp and Crab Squid Ink Tagliatelle, and wow, it was out of this world! You can tell they’re all about fresh, quality ingredients–from the seafood to the meats and even the veggies they source locally.

Choosing where to sit was a bit of a sweet dilemma. Inside, is charming and cozy, but the outdoor patio with the river view is just as tempting. Plus, there are private rooms for enjoying special occasions with friends or family and want to keep it cozy.

Honestly, dining here felt like stepping into a little slice of Fort Lauderdale’s culinary heart. That Shrimp and Crab Tagliatelle? I’m going to be talking about that for a . The House on the River isn’t just about great food; it’s about the whole experience. I left feeling totally satisfied and already planning when to come back.

After we finished eating, we took a leisurely walk around the Riviera, enjoying the beautiful evening vibes. Then, hopped into an Uber for a quick 10-minute ride back to our hotel.

EWOW Living Room
EWOW Living Room

Sound and Meditation Healing

The third and final day was truly remarkable. It began with a session of sound and meditation at EWOW with Le Sound temple, which was absolutely incredible. We were on the top floor once again, with doors open to a view of the water. The session featured gongs, bowls, and more, creating powerful vibrations that elevated our spirits, dispelling negative thoughts and guiding us towards positive, inspiring actions for self-improvement. This was a deeply gratifying experience for me, one that I would gladly repeat. My colleagues had similar experiences, with some witnessing vibrant colors, each carrying its own unique inspirational message, and others envisioning themselves in a rainforest surrounded by beautiful waterfalls. Overall, the session was both relaxing and beneficial for the mind. I also had the opportunity to speak with Tammy, who led the session. To delve deeper into the world of sound healing and its various forms, check out my article on her and the live interview. Whether you're feeling stuck or simply seeking personal growth, sound healing and vibrations might just be the answer – I believe it's beneficial for everyone.

Pool Side
Pool Side

Pool Day

After our soothing sound therapy session, we headed to the pool deck for a delightful breakfast and refreshing mojitos to start our day by the pool. The breakfast was wonderful and made us feel like we were on an amazing vacation. We savored a variety of delicious foods including French toast, eggs, bacon, muffins, potatoes, and sausage, creating a fantastic breakfast experience at W in Fort Lauderdale. Following breakfast, we relaxed on the lounge chairs to enjoy the day.

The pool at W Fort Lauderdale is amazing. Situated on the 5th floor, it provides breathtaking views of the beach and the city. The pool is conveniently located, surrounded by seating, and offers food and table service, along with a fantastic bar. I spent the day at the pool and bar area, savoring mojitos and a delicious chicken sandwich. It was a fantastic day at the pool, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great time.


We all had a great time getting massages at the hotel's spa. The spa facilities were excellent, complete with separate locker rooms for men and women, cozy robes, and a charming diary to jot down thoughts while getting ready for the massage. My massage therapist was very considerate, inquiring about any areas of discomfort and skillfully addressing them to ensure a relaxing and effective massage experience.


We participated in a 7pm yoga session on the outdoor deck of the hotel's fourth floor, which offered a stunning view. With the ocean in sight and pleasant weather, we were treated to a yoga class led by experienced instructors. This session was distinctive as it was conducted in silence, with participants wearing headphones to receive instructions accompanied by soothing music and sounds. This setup fostered a serene and joyful atmosphere, resulting in a deeply relaxing yoga experience.

Jessie Dee


After the yoga class, we relaxed with cocktails and dinner on the hotel's fourth floor, where other guests also indulged in dining, drinks, and watching football. Additionally, there were palm reading sessions, makeup artists, and various other activity stations for guests to enjoy. The ambiance was cozy, with guests lounging on couches and chairs, savoring each other's company, food, and drinks. I particularly relished a margherita and a highly recommended lobster roll.


The dinner and drinks at the hotel's lounge served as our goodbye, where we wished each other well and promised to keep in touch. Liz organized the trip, which was really enjoyable and left us all feeling refreshed. The hotel's location by the ocean, along with plenty of things to do, places to eat, and nearby towns, made for an amazing weekend. When I got back, a friend said, You look so relaxed, just like a weekend at W Fort Lauderdale! Thanks to the group I was with, and I'm excited for the next one!

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