TikTok Reveals the Best Dressed Grammy Winners of 2024

Caroline Dalal

The 2024 Grammys were not only a celebration of music, but a night of glitz and glamor. With over 17 million viewers worldwide, celebrities went above and beyond, walking down the red carpet with unique and luxurious outfits. These outfit choices sparked endless conversations online as we witnessed a blend of innovative and avant-garde styles. All this talk left one question on everyone’s lips: Who were the best dressed stars of the night?


To find this answer, what better way than diving directly into social media! A leading authority in fashion, Dresscode conducted a detailed analysis of social engagement metrics from TikTok and Instagram. To do so, the experts used reliable sources to curate a seed list of the best dressed from this year’s award show, utilizing sources such as Grammys, Harper’s Bazaar, and LA Times. From this seed list, they assessed the volume of TikTok hashtags, the number of views of each celebrity’s red carpet walk, and the likes garnered on Instagram posts. By combining all of these data points, an overall view of the public’s opinion and engagement was achieved, revealing the stars that captivated audiences the most. Here are the results:

The 10 Best Dressed Grammy Winners & Nominees

The 2024 Grammys showcased a mix of modern couture and vintage pieces, going back from the roaring 20s to the nostalgic 90s. This year’s red carpet was a tribute to so many fashion eras while having a taste of current trends. The best dressed celebrities showed a remarkable range of styles from Olivia Rodrigo’s vintage Versace to Miley Cyrus’s avant-garde Maison Margiela and Dua Lipa’s modern metallic dress. Through a comprehensive analysis of social engagement data, these fashion triumphs were brought to light, offering a glimpse into the constantly evolving landscape of luxury fashion. 

10 Best Dressed Grammy Winners & Nominees | Courtesy of Dresscode

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift rocked a custom strapless, corset-style Schiaparelli gown featuring black gloves and a choker. She matched this with Giuseppe Zanotti heels and Lorraine Schwartz diamond jewelry. Not only did the announcement of her new album shock fans, but so did her look as she received the highest social engagement, crowning her as best dressed of the evening. With a total of 1,622,625, Taylor sweeped the competition the same way she has with Album of the Year, now being the first performer to win the award four times.

Taylor Swift 2024 Grammy Awards | Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Olivia Rodrigo

In second place we have pop star Olivia Rodrigo who turned heads in a vintage Versace gown adorned with red and white beads, reminiscent of old Hollywood glamor. The dress was first seen on Linda Evangelista in 1995 and now recaptured the hearts of viewers. The dazzling white dress was accessorized with earrings, a red lip, and sharp winged eyeliner. Olivia wasn’t too far behind as she matched Taylor Swift with 1.2 million TikTok views for her Grammys red carpet walk. 

Olivia Rodrigo 2024 Grammy Awards | Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Miley Cyrus

Celebrating her first Grammy win, Miley Cyrus made a bold statement in a custom Maison Margiela creation that blended a 1920s flapper style with the aura of an Egyptian goddess. Her hairdo divided social media as she channeled the 70s with her teased-up hairstyle. Miley is known to take risks not only with her fashion but also in her performances as she grabbed everyone’s attention while singing “Flowers” at the 2024 Grammys. Her outfit achieved a total social engagement of 812,460, underscoring the amount of time and effort required to craft this dress, reporting to take 675 hours. 

Miley Cyrus 2024 Grammy Awards | Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish paid tribute to Barbie on the red carpet, repping the movie for her hit song “What Was I Made For?” The star wore a vintage bomber jacket with pink sleeves, heart-shaped buttons, and “Barbie” embroidered on the front. She paired this piece with a white button-down shirt, black tie, and baggy dress pants. This was a perfect choice as she won Song of the Year, marking the first time a song from a film has won the award since Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” 25 years ago. Although she placed 4th in our top 10 list, buzz definitely surrounded her outfit with 1,690 TikTok hashtags and 120,000 total likes. 

Billie Eilish 2024 Grammy Awards | Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Honorable Mentions

Shimmering across the red carpet was Dua Lipa in a metallic masterpiece designed by Courrèges. Her ensemble sparked conversations and sparkled as she wore a platinum fish necklace with a matching bracelet and ring from Tiffany & Co. Her copper red hair and bold brows were the perfect addition to this look. Her dress wasn’t the only thing that shined but so was her opening performance, debuting her song “Training Season” and performing the catchy hit song “Houdini.” Leaving the award show with 3 Grammys and a total social engagement of 442,700, it was a successful night for Dua Lipa. 

Dua Lipa 2024 Grammy Awards | Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Victoria Monét

Rounding off the top ten was the Best New Artist winner Victoria Monét, who looked incredible in a bronze, corset gown that melted onto her skin. Created custom by Versace and paired with Bulgari jewels, her look was the definition of luxury. The cutest and youngest guest of the evening was her daughter Hazel, whose look matched with Victoria. Along with Best New Artist, she also took home Best R&B album and 193,026 social engagements. 

Victoria Monét 2024 Grammy Awards | Photo courtesy of Getty Images
"The Grammy Awards remain the ultimate fusion of music and fashion, dazzling audiences worldwide both on and off the screen with an unparalleled display of red carpet glamour. From Taylor Swift's Schiaparelli blend of edgy and elegant to Olivia Rodrigo's timeless vintage Versace, each artist showcased their individual style, leaving an unforgettable imprint on the fashion landscape. Miley Cyrus's avant-garde Maison Margiela creation was one of the favourites of the night and boldly challenged conventional red carpet norms, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in haute couture. With every step down the red carpet, these artists not only celebrated their musical accomplishments but also demonstrated the transformative power of fashion. The most popular looks of the evening included a blend of modern couture and vintage pieces, paying homage to the roaring ‘20s, ‘90s and early aughts. Old Hollywood glamour was among the prevailing themes on the red carpet, with some stars making nods to more recent trends, such as the ‘Mob Wife’ aesthetic.”
Sung Sterkenburg, style expert at Dresscode, comments on the fashion trends at the 2024 Grammys

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