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The odd juxtaposition of 'early man' and 'young man' was bound to happen. Years of parents asking, 'why are my kids running about like cavemen banging tables with spoons and wreaking havoc' have finally been addressed in the only rational way possible.

Our city's finest higher education facility, NYU Skirball Center – in conjunction with Kidrockers – have decided to help the evolution of our youths by introducing them to the real deal: authentic Cavemen, the charismatic band of 'I love NY' campaign renown. 

So before reading on, step back a few thousand years by clicking here:


As part of the Big Red Chair series, this Saturday morning (February 8 at 11:30 AM) the Caveman, in collaboration with The Pizza Underground (Macaulay Culkin + friends) – a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band – kick off one of the most child-friendly family entertainment events since the dawn of man, woman and – most importantly – child.

Hosted by comedians Seth Herzog (of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), the event promises to be memorable.

No adults allowed unless supervised by a child.

Unfortunately, saber tooth tigers and pets have been barred due to local ordinance. 

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