With the increasing popularity of injectable skincare treatments like Botox and fillers, spas have been proliferating everywhere. But do you...


With the increasing popularity of injectable skincare treatments like Botox and fillers, spas have been proliferating everywhere. But do you ever stop and wonder where the aesthetician was trained, and how much experience they really have before they stick that needle in? Jane Scher, who after a highly successful career as a certified plastic surgery nurse in operating rooms where she worked with renowned doctors including Sherrell Aston, Alan Matarasso and Dr. Sam Rizk, a facial plastic surgeon at top hospitals including Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat, has established a unique practice of her own, giving patients injectable treatments with superior knowledge.


In over 30 years as a registered nurse, Scher has worked with some of the top surgeons in the field, including Dr. Sherrell Aston and Dr. Jennifer Walden. "There's nothing like experience," says Scher. "These aestheticians are doing procedures, and I'm not saying that they're not qualified, but they're not as qualified as I am," she adds, frankly. "You want somebody who has hands on experience, who has worked with their hands in a surgical arena for years, knows their anatomy and knows patient safety." Even with low-risk procedures, things can go wrong. "If you are in a beauty parlor setting, you want to make sure they have the needed equipment to take care of any potential complications." Scher points out. "You don't have the necessary EpiPen. You have to make sure you're qualified and in the proper setting to be doing these injectables."


She operates her Manhattan practice in a plastic surgeon's office, so there is always a doctor on hand. She also continues to work with reconstructive surgeons, so she knows all the latest techniques, and she continues to study. She's a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses (ASPSN.) and stays abreast of all the latest medical techniques in combination therapy and the challenges of the newest aesthetic rejuvenation to formulate the best outcome involved in aesthetic medicine.


Although she won't tell us whom, Scher counts boldface names among her clients, including a 22-year-old supermodel. "I've been called the celebrity aesthetic nurse," she says. Her patients range in age from 21 to 81 because Scher understands that everyone wants to look their best. Today people take better care of themselves, and with good diet and exercise, many are able to avoid having facelifts and opt for noninvasive treatments. A big enhancement to her practice is the InMode machine, which delivers aesthetic procedures using radio-frequency, laser and pulsed light technologies. Because Jane is staying in tune of all the latest techinques, she worked with the InMode machine, which many of the op plastic surgeons have invest interest in too.


But even with all of Scher's years of experience, working with the machine has been a revelation. "The fact is, the machine is like a miracle; it transforms the skin and removes hyperpigmentation" Scher says. "It's a noninvasive miracle. It does five different procedures, including fat-melting, skin tightening for both face and body, Skin texturing, skin toning with IPL (intense pulsed light) and also has an added benefit of removing light facial hair (peach fuzz). Doing multiple procedures at the same time saves the patient time and money, improves skin tone and texture by skin tightening and removing hyperpigmentation."


Scher got her start in plastic surgery very young, at age 20, while she was married to a plastic surgeon she went in nursing school. Not long after, once she graduated from nursing school, she started doing injectables, which were not so common back then. After so many years working in top operating rooms, she made the decision to go out on her own. "For me, aesthetic is more fun," she says. "It's more creative. I get a lot of self-fulfillment out of what I do. I make patients aesthetically look better."

janescherrn.com | 212 452 1235

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