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“A Surrealist Stay” at Mr. C Hotel with JO-HS – Art Basel Miami

“A Surrealist Stay” at Mr. C Hotel with JO-HS – Art Basel Miami

Miami, Florida – JO-HS Gallery is pleased to present their presentation of artists curated for Mr. C Miami – Coconut Grove by Cipriani uniquely for Miami Art Week 2022.

JO-HS is a gallery, design space, and artist studio residency located in Mexico City with offices in New York and Geneva. JO-HS works primarily with emerging contemporary artists supporting them with the production, exhibition, and distribution of their art.

The curated concept of "A Surrealist Stay" will include a mix of sculpture, ceramic and installation work with three main artists exhibited throughout the Mr. C Miami hotel, including Celeste, Ramiro Gonzales Luna and Demit Omphroy.

"A Surrealist Stay" plays tribute to the small provençal hotel La Colombe d'Or in Saint Paul de Vence, in the South of France where artists from all over Europe, Matisse, Picasso, Calder and many more artists would make their way to stay. They didn't always have enough money to pay their bill so the hotel would let them leave an artwork behind in exchange for their stay. It soon began attracting colorful characters from the nearby region, such as the Fitzgeralds, who were summering at their beach villa half an hour south, cavorting with Hemingway and friends in Antibes. In fact, Scott and Zelda once had a jealous row over Isadora Duncan at the Colombe d'Or.

Mr. C Miami has a rich history behind its glamorous and beautiful setting in Coconut Grove. This initial art initiative will aim to create a narrative and story tying the works on display into the pillars of the hotel and the art fair taking place simultaneously.

The selection of artists chosen for Mr. C Miami – Coconut Grove work in various mediums, which will aim to highlight the story of the famous Bellini cocktail and Mr. C with custom plates for the restaurant area and a surrealist sculpture made by contemporary painter Demit Omphroy.
A cocktail party and intimate dinner to celebrate the exhibition will take place on Tuesday, November 29th.

About JO-HS
JO-HS is a gallery, design space and artist studio residency located in Mexico City with offices in New York City and Geneva, Switzerland. JO-HS works primarily with emerging contemporary artists supporting them with the production, exhibition and distribution of their art.

Ramiro Gonzalez Luna / Part-time Ceramist (b.1996, Mexico City)
Ramiro Gonzalez Luna lives and works in Mexico City and he describes himself as a "part-time ceramist". The inspiration behind his ashtrays is drawn from the idea of left-behind objects of the everyday, and above all, he focuses on the remains left on ashtrays after a party. To him, as it is with trash, you can tell plenty about a person depending on what they leave behind. Each ashtray is unique, just as every one of us. Ramiro re-creates this party mood and its corresponding atmosphere, which of course ponders on issues such as addictions, fast food, and drugs, among other issues. He has exhibited these ceramics recently at Peana in Mexico City, SUMA Gallery and UVNT Art Fair, Madrid.
Demit Omphroy studied art at the University of California, Berkeley. After college, he played professional soccer for a few years before diving into a career of photography and filmmaking. Painting was always a constant passion throughout the different stages of his life. Omphroy's style can best be described through playful figures and movement, paired with bold primary colors. Demit has been fascinated by the concept of eternal youth living inside of everyone. He believes as people get older, it is imperative to maintain and nurture that inner child; free to make mistakes, free to create without boundaries.
Celeste is an artist duo formed by María Fernanda Camarena (Guadalajara, 1988) and Gabriel Rosas Alemán (Ciudad de México, 1983). Celeste's art practice combines diverse medias and disciplines, encompassing multiple collaborators and spectators within the workings of intimate exchange. Transient moments of proximity and familiarity blur the commonplace structures that define the way artworks should be appreciated and exhibited in museums and gallery spaces.

About Mr. C Miami – Coconut Grove
Mr. C Miami – Coconut Grove is a premier luxury boutique hotel conceived by Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani, a fourth-generation hotelier family. Giuseppe Cipriani opened the now National Landmark Harry's Bar off of a tiny street off Venice's Piazza San Marco in 1931. Today, almost 90 years later, brothers Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani have drawn on their rich family history to create the luxury hospitality and residential brand known as Mr. C. Cipriani is internationally renowned for its restaurants, hotels, members clubs, and residences with locations in metropolitan destinations including Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and Miami. The timeless values of love for service, lack of imposition, quality of products, and luxury in simplicity are still valid today as they were in 1931.

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