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Six: The Musical Opens its Immersive Gallery at The Museum of Broadway with Flair and Fun

Queens Class Photo
Queens Class PhotoPhoto Credit: Eugene Gologurksy for The Museum of Broadway

At the Museum of Broadway in NYC, cocktails and cheerful costumes combined for an exuberant gallery opening of the Museum’s new immersive exhibit for Broadway’s SIX: The Musical. Featuring unique explorative opportunities such as the chance to sit upon the famous throne from the musical, see signature costumes and set design up close, and interact with each room of the exhibit in a different experiential way, the gallery offers fun and photo-ops for everyone from the most involved theatre buffs to those new to the performing arts.

Sam Pauly_Adrianna Hicks_Brittney Mack_Andrea Macasaet
Sam Pauly_Adrianna Hicks_Brittney Mack_Andrea MacasaetPhoto Credit: Eugene Gologurksy for The Museum of Broadway

The Museum of Broadway in New York City celebrated the opening of its gallery dedicated to beloved stage show SIX: The Musical. The Museum is an interactive and experiential gallery that takes visitors of all ages on an exciting journey from the birth of Broadway to present day. The gallery rotates between featured shows, introducing a sneak peek behind the curtain into the making of and execution of each performing arts showcase. Currently featured musical SIX tells the glitter-encrusted story of King Henry VIII’s famously numerous wives, who band together musically to deliver a fun retelling of their own personalities and stories as the monarch’s partner.

Historically, King Henry VIII is known for serially separating his lover’s heads from their necks in a rather abrupt end to each relationship. In SIX, rather, the six wives decadently dress in technicolor holographic mini dresses and artfully sculpted crowns fit for a stage performer rather than a queen. Each lady in turn excitedly shares her tale through song and dance numbers – many of the upbeat, rocker-esque musical acts from the show are quite well-known amongst avid theatre fans, and the show has a broad international fan base.

Adrianna Hicks_Andrea Macasaet_Brittney Mack_Sam Pauly
Adrianna Hicks_Andrea Macasaet_Brittney Mack_Sam PaulyPhoto Credit: Eugene Gologurksy for The Museum of Broadway

Bringing SIX: The Musical to NYC in gallery form delightfully follows the show’s running performances in the United States tour this year. At the gallery opening, guests were in a bubbly mood – customized SIX-themed cocktails were served along with wine options, and attendees were welcome to peruse the gallery’s debut evening after a step through the red carpet. The queens themselves were also present and a popular attraction for guests to take photographs with as they brought the museum presentation to life. The group of performers arrived at the gallery in their signature costumes, which was a special touch adding to the excitement of the evening.

Meghan Picerno_Six at The Museum of Broadway
Meghan Picerno_Six at The Museum of BroadwayPhoto Credit: Eugene Gologurksy for The Museum of Broadway

The Museum of Broadway themed gift shop and gallery will be open to the public from early November 2023, and every theatre buff will want to be sure to stop by before its finale. From new faces curious about musical theatre and performing arts to the most knowledgeable experienced theatre lovers, everyone will be able to find both entertainment and learning through the immersive exhibit. Featuring the show’s trademark colorful costumes, historic backstory, creative writing facts, and a unique opportunity to sit for a photograph on the genuine SIX: The Musical royal throne prop, the showcase is a rare chance to delve more into the musical and submerge yourself fully into SIX’s fantastical world.

Marti Gould Cummings_Six at The Museum of Broadway
Marti Gould Cummings_Six at The Museum of BroadwayPhoto Credit: Eugene Gologurksy for The Museum of Broadway

Full of photo-ops and flashy set designs alongside facts even the most avid theatre-goer might not know, the Museum of Broadway brings SIX: The Musical to life in a never-before-seen way. If you call New York City your home, the Museum of Broadway invites you to celebrate the rich story of SIX: The Musical and leave the busy city street behind for a moment to immerse yourself in the world of vivacious queens, contested crowns, rainbow gowns, and the ultimate rock-pop royalty.


Writer: Laur Weeks @laur.weeks

For: Resident Digital @residentdigital

Editor: Hillary Latos 

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Venue: Museum of Broadway (NYC) @museumofbroadway

Gallery presentation: SIX: The Musical @sixthemusical

Queens Class Photo
The Museum Of Broadway Opening Of Six: The Royal Gallery Special Exhibit

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