Underwater Artist Teams Up with Avatar Stars for Ocean Conservation

Underwater Artistry Meets Environmental Advocacy in Christy Lee Rogers' Latest Project
Muses of Avatar_Zoe Saldana_Kate Winslet
Muses of Avatar_Zoe Saldana_Kate WinsletChristy Lee Rogers

On a crisp Sunday, April 14th, inside the serene ambiance of the Blue Bird Restaurant on King’s Road, I met with Christy Lee Rogers. Known for her distinctive underwater photography, Christy has embarked on an evocative journey with James Cameron that dives deep into both artistic innovation and environmental advocacy.

As we discussed her work, Christy reflected on the unique challenges of her latest project, which prominently featured Avatar: The Way of Water stars Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, and Kate Winslet. "The shoot was before Avatar 2, and it's so special because I didn't even know what it would look like," she explained, highlighting the visionary aspect of her collaboration with Cameron. The artworks, released on March 8, 2024, are part of a limited edition series aimed at supporting The Nature Conservancy’s goal to conserve 10% of the world’s oceans by 2030.

Muses of Avatar_Kate Winslet_
Muses of Avatar_Kate Winslet_Christy Lee Rogers

"I wanted them to be angelic," Christy remarked as we admired one of her signature underwater photographs. The effort behind these masterpieces was immense, a testament to her dedication and the unique challenges of underwater photography. The session lasted a straight ten hours, involving three models, countless flashes, and the largest team Christy had ever directed.

Christy shared the complexities involved in capturing the right aesthetic underwater, focusing on the challenges with the fabrics used. "Finding fabric that reflects and gives luminescence underwater requires special materials. We had to use underwater flashlights to achieve the desired effects," she explained. This not only added a layer of difficulty but also brought a unique dimension to the visuals. "Directing the team was like taking on the role of both photographer and director while pressing the camera’s click," she described, underscoring the multifaceted challenge.

Muses of Avatar_Zoe Saldana_Kate Winslet
Muses of Avatar_Zoe Saldana_Kate WinsletChristy Lee Rogers

When asked about her inspiration, Christy's eyes lit up as she spoke of her son. "My son is my daily inspiration. A child is so pure and so creative; they always want to laugh and see everything with a playful eye," she shared. This purity and creativity drive her relentless pursuit of new projects, as she candidly noted, "I am always on to the next project."

Christy is passionately dedicated to environmental conservation, a commitment that is vividly expressed through her artwork. In a statement shared prior to our interview, she highlighted the vital role of water: "Water is not only healing, it is essential for life. It provides oxygen for the entire planet through the tiny phytoplankton in our oceans, which is why our seas need our protection now more than ever," underscoring her commitment to the environmental cause. She also expressed deep appreciation for her collaboration with James Cameron, Jon Landau, and the teams at 'Avatar' and Disney. "It's a profound honor to support their vision of safeguarding the world's oceans. By releasing these images for The Nature Conservancy, we're contributing to a global effort to ensure our oceans are clean and protected," she elaborated in her earlier remarks.

The conversation shifted to the impact of these artistic endeavors. "Let's reach as far as we can go," she said passionately. The goal is for everyone to see and be moved by these images, not just as artistic expressions but as a call to action for ocean conservation. The sales of these images support The Nature Conservancy's campaign to protect marine life, aiming to safeguard 30% of the planet’s oceans by 2030.

Muses of Avatar_Zoe Saldana
Muses of Avatar_Zoe SaldanaChristy Lee Rogers

As we concluded, it was evident that Christy Lee Rogers is more than an artist; she is a visionary using her unique talents to advocate for a cause she believes in deeply. Through her lens, she captures not just the beauty of the underwater world but also the urgent need to preserve it. Her work, now a pivotal part of "Keep Our Oceans Amazing," continues to inspire and motivate conservation efforts worldwide, proving that art can indeed be a powerful catalyst for change.


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