Destination Spas For The Holidays

Whether it’s a day spa in the city or a weekend spa getaway further afield, here are some of the premiere destination spas to prepare for the holidays.

By:Hillary Latos

In my opinion, anytime is a good time to spa. Who doesn't want to be pampered and feel like royalty. Now with the change of seasons, there isn't a better time to get hydrated, rejuvenated, and emerge a healthier, hydrated, and better person. Whether it's a day spa in the city or a weekend spa getaway further afield, here are some of the premiere destination spas to prepare for the holidays.

Guerlain Spa

Situated on the 19th floor of the Waldorf Towers, the Guerlain spa is one of Gotham's finest destination spas that embodies luxury.  Decorated in a glamorous and chic shimmering palette of grey and silver and adorned with crystal chandeliers, this French inspired oasis offers treatment suites with a private bathing lounge, signature Guerlain amenities, and personalized music selections.  The pampering doesn't end with the treatment, afterwards "The Final Touch" offers a complimentary shoe shine, garment steaming and make-up refresh over a glass of champagne.

In time for the holiday season, Guerlain has expanded their treatment menu to include microdermabrasion and microcurrent non-surgical lift procedures in addition to their signature Orchidée Impériale and Abeille Royale facial treatments that garners immediate anti aging skincare results.

At the heart of the Abeille Royale Youth facial treatment is the exceptional repairing power of Royale Jelly Concentrate from Guerlain's signature bees from the French island of Ouessant that has been extracted into the Abeille Royale Youth Face Treatment Oil.  The result is hydrated skin with improved elasticity, firmness and tone with diminished fine lines.  To highlight the power of bees and honey, guests will also taste Waldorf's rooftop Honey, produced from the hotel's own apiaries on the roof.

By harnessing the power of gold orchid technology, the Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale "Cure" anti-aging facial treatment addresses the global signs of skin aging and accelerates the natural renewal cycle of skin. Facial muscles are expertly stimulated and toned and optimal results are received by continuing the process over a four-week "Cure" treatment and regimen that produces noticeable results.

The micro current lift and tone treatment rejuvenates aging skin cells by re-energizing multiple skin layers.  Light technology relaxes facial tension, while micro-current LEDs tighten facial contour and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and ultrasonic frequencies oxygenate the skin from within, leaving a radiant skin tone. Together, these treatments reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even pigmentation and diminish light acne scarring.

Guerlain Spa
100 East 50 St.
New York, NY
(212) 872-7000

Saratoga Springs

The mystery surrounding the healing powers of spring water have dated back to the legend of Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth, and Saratoga has built a history on its world renowned effervescent springs.  Since the 19th century visitors have made the pilgrimage to Saratoga Springs for its health benefits in the naturally carbonated water in 17 natural springs that dot the parks throughout the city each with its unique taste and high amounts of lithium.  At the heart of the Saratoga Spa State Park is the Gideon Putnam Resort and Roosevelt Baths & Spa with nature as its back door.  The resort was first discovered by Gideon Putnam during the Victorian Era and the health benefits of the natural springs were later recognized in 1929 by Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Since then thousands have found that hydrotherapy and bathing in effervescent mineral water has been proven to revitalize and heal the body because of its high amount of negative ions that increase blood circulation and cell oxygenation while boosting the immune system.  Soak in 20 minutes of pre treatment hydrotherapy that mixes cold mineral water with hot water to achieve a 97 degree temperature.  Once the body is relaxed take a signature or deep tissue massage to further excrete the toxins and increase circulation or take in one of many treatments.  There are also detoxifying wraps, clinical dermo corrective facials and wellness packages that focus on ayurvedic, acupuncture and whole body approaches. With so many treatments to choose from stay for the weekend in the historic landmarked Gideon Putnam resort that's testament to the imposing 1930s Georgian Revival style from the Gilded Age.  The best way to reach Saratoga is on Amtrak with daily trips leaving from Penn Station.

Gideon Putnam Resort & Roosevelt Baths and Spa
24 Gideon Putnam Rd.
Saratoga Springs, NY
(518) 584-3000

G & Norwich Spas at Foxwoods

Just a couple hours Northeast of the city is the G Spa and Norwich spa at Foxwoods and MGM Resort and Casino.  Escape to the luxurious G spa with a signature massage or facial that will melt away any stress of the city.  Drawing on the ancient healing techniques of the Pequot tribe that occupies the land, their 80 minute G Hot rocks therapy has adapted this Native American ritual that will open tense muscles and improve energy flow leaving you rejuvenated and energized.  Other full body treatments use natural recuperative aromatherapy methods like Jojoba and deep tissue massages as well as detoxifying algae wraps and antioxidant sugar scrubs.  Focusing on rebalancing stressed New Yorkers, themed spa packages are also available whether you are looking to relax, revive, or recharge.  Pre or post treatment spend the afternoon relaxing in their soothing hydrotherapy pool with options for a sauna, steam room, or Jacuzzi while taking in the sites of the majestic forest below.

Connecticut's beloved Norwich spa is also conveniently located in Foxwoods Resort & Casino which has garnered consistent accolades for its world class skincare and whole body treatments.  Choose a signature therapeutic massage that focuses on rebalancing the body such as their sports massage with trigger point release, or deep tissue, foot flexibility, Swedish and Native hot stone therapy, as well as a Swedish hydro therapy massage.  The Norwich spa is really known for their proprietary skincare packages such as the anti aging and oxygenating facial treatments that are tailored for your individual skincare needs and combat environmental stressors such as dehydration and vitamin deficiency.  Other unique offerings include the Men's Caviar facial that uses a pure Russian caviar extract, Escutox, that is considered to be a natural alternative to botox, a back facial to cleanse and exfoliate for a natural glow, a tightening Vitamin C and Seaweed facial, and an eye enhancement treatment to decrease puffiness and wrinkles with marine collagen.  Be sure to linger and enjoy the luxurious spa amenities with the indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, steam room, and relaxation room to leave indulgently pampered. •

G & Norwich Spas at Foxwoods
350 Trolley Line Blvd.
Mashantucket, CT
Norwich Spa(860) 312-3000
G Spa(860) 312-4772

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