The Beauty Expert

The Beauty Expert

By Hillary Latos

Since 1982, Berenice Rothenberg has been enhancing the natural beauty of Manhattanites through non-invasive techniques in the heart of the city. A pioneer in the electrolysis industry, Berenice has always kept abreast of the most cutting edge technology in laser hair removal, cellulite reduction, and LED light therapy to bring out the best of her loyal clientele. Her latest beauty service is the VelaShape III cellulite and circumferential reduction treatment that provides effective and noticeable results without the risk of invasive surgery. VelaShape works with bi-polar radio frequency and light energies – known as elos™ technology – to precisely target and heat fatty tissues within the treated area. In addition, gentle suction and massaging action evens out the skin revealing a smoother, firmer and tighter appearance all while feeling like a deep tissue massage. It's safe enough to use on your torso, legs, and even your chin and neck to contour, reshape and slim the body by improving cellulite while reducing circumference. Recently, Resident spoke with Berenice about the benefits of this revolutionary new treatment and the results her clients have seen.

Who would be best suited for this treatment?
"VelaShape III is a wonderful treatment for anyone that wants to tighten their skin and contour the body. It helps to firm and shape the body while burning cellulite and fat deposits that exercise can't get rid of. You don't have to worry about bruising your skin because it is gentle, works with your body's temperature and it's completely non-invasive. There's no recovery time and some of my clients say it feels like a warm massage."

How many treatments yield the best results?
"You really need six treatments to achieve the maximum results. Also, you must drink a lot of water because all of the fat burned during the treatment goes through your lymphatic system and the toxins must be flushed out. We've seen a lot of great results already and some have even gone down a size with just a few treatments. The treatment can really improve the areas diet and exercise can't reach in a comfortable and safe way.

The technology in VelaShape III has really improved from its two previous predecessors and we are very excited for our clients to try it out. This new technology now can help us concentrate on the difficult problem areas such as chins, stomachs, knees, buttocks and waistlines. This is a big difference from any of the other weight loss lasers that we have used before."

Which areas have seen the most drastically improved results?
"The stomach, thighs and buttocks have seen the most drastic results. It is clear that the skin in those areas becomes a lot smoother and firmer after the treatment. Our VelaShape III treatments are a great way for people to treat problem areas while eliminating the risk and recovery time of an invasive surgery. However, I tell my clients that this treatment alone will not completely rid the body of cellulite. They must also exercise and improve their diet in order to achieve the best results possible."

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