Eat to Feel Full A Book by Jeanette Bronée

Eat to Feel Full  A Book by Jeanette Bronée

By Isaiah Negron

Self-Nourishment Counselor Jeanette Bronée has successfully worked one-on-one with people for over a decade to achieve their nutritional and weight loss goals. Her clients are serious about having good well-being practices and are tired of fad diets. They are looking for a way to be healthy beyond just "eating right." As the founder of Path for Life and the online Self-Nourishment Program, she guides her clients not only in improving their physical and emotional well-being, but also in helping them change their everyday habits, which are the foundation for a sustained healthy lifestyle. "What I teach isn't just about nutrition, it's about nourishment," Jeanette says. "It's not 'don't eat this.' It's 'how do I know more so I can take care of me?'"

After seeing her family struggle with cancer, Jeanette decided that she didn't just want to find out how to stay at the epitome of health for her own benefit, she wanted to share her knowledge with others so she could help them achieve their own nutritional success. " I became curious about healthy living when I was 15 and a gymnast. I remember being concerned because my aunt developed MS and I was scared that I was going to get it one day," she recalls. "Additionally, both my mother and my grandmother were diagnosed with breast cancer. It made me wonder what I could do for myself. So I started learning and studying nutrition and energy medicine for my own well-being." It wasn't until both her parents passed away one year apart that a fire was lit in her to take her health and natural healing knowledge to the next level. "It burned in me this really deep passion and desire to help people, especially those diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to help them learn how to take care of themselves and heal themselves," said Bronée. "This idea of being 'part of the process' really became the core for Path for Life. We can be part of the process of our own health."

After returning to school and obtaining her certifications, Jeanette decided to dedicate herself full-time to pursuing the philosophies of achieving maximum health through nourishment. This spring, Bronée released her new book Eat to Feel Full (and Nourish Yourself for Good). In the book, she discusses how eating to feel full and satisfied is a healthy regimen for weight loss, an idea that might seem counterintuitive to a culture obsessed with counting calories and eating less. Jeanette advocates eating real food as opposed to processed items that leave us undernourished and, ultimately, eating more. "The book sets out to say that we actually need to feel full to nourish ourselves and then everything else comes together. Our bodies are designed that way," Jeanette reveals. "It's the opposite of the dieting mentality. If we understand how we naturally function as human beings and start eating accordingly, then we'll actually, and naturally, be able to be nourished, satiated and, most important, healthy."

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