The Best Kept Secret to True Success

The Best Kept Secret to True Success

By Master Pun-Yin

Most people who reach their highest aspirations very often have stable, loving and supportive relationships around them; therefore, they can have the energy, motivation, focus and confidence to command respect professionally and socially.

We are the product of our environment; we can project a solid energy in the day if our nights are in the relaxed state of Yin (gentleness) that balances from the proactive state of Yang (intensiveness) during the day.

Mark Baroccas, the president of Euro-Pro, who helped the home consumer products of Ninja Blenders and Shark home appliances achieve 400% of growth in sales during recent years, consulted me to find balance. He stated "I am a true believer that a positive energy environment is essential for people seeking success in their career and personal life because a calm environment stimulates creativity – it helps us think more clearly."

Tapping into the correct meridian points in our environment is critical when seeking balance in your environment. Placing a water fountain, aquarium, pictures of the water, or other objects from nature that correspond to the orientation can help release tension. An authentic Feng Shui expert with classical training can also help you determine the Five Elements energy in you and your space, and then balance the environment accordingly.

Truly successful people know that success in the professional world can fulfill aspirational goals, but, not necessarily atomically win respect, love, and appreciation. What good is success if you don't have sincere people around you to feel your pride and joy because they love you?

After a century of observation as Feng Shui masters between my father Master Tin Sun and myself, we've concluded that many truly successful people have the criteria below:

-Avoided emotional & financial damage of a failed marriage by waiting to marry until mature enough to know whether they needed a Yin (nurturing) or Yang (ambitious) personality partner to drive their aspirations.

-Parted from past relationships admirably without severe consequences that could weight down permanently

-Motivated people around them so that the harmonious and supportive relationships could provide them with the fuel to continuously achieve greater goals.

-Participated in the character-shaping of their children and grandchildren to instill similar values and levels of responsibility Illustrated below is the five-thousand-yearold relationship reference chart based on the Chinese Zodiac System that may explain the type of chemistry you have with various people.

A Feng Shui expert of the classical system using the Five Elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) Personality Profile, in addition to this chart, could help you harmonize the relationships around you.

"Knowledge is power," understanding why people around you think and act the way they do could help you create better communication with them. Good luck!

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