Cindy Barshop Knows What a Woman Wants

Cindy Barshop Knows What a Woman Wants

By Haiting Tan

Listed as one of the "100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs" by Goldman Sachs in 2012, and also a former star on "The Real Housewives of New York City," Cindy Barshop's days as a reality star are behind her. Leaving the reality television show after one season, she turned to focus on Completely Bare, a waxing and laser hair removal salon established by Barshop almost 20 years ago. The salon has now relaunched as Spruce & Bond while Barshop has moved on to a bigger project, VSPOT.

Referring to the Showtime television program, "The Affair," Barshop touches on the character Margaret Butler. While Butler is a 62-year old grandmother living in the Hamptons, Barshop insists that such perceptions of older women being grandmothers at such an early age is no longer relevant as there are many 50-year old women with young children.

The VSPOT owner goes on to say that while women can take care of their outside by doing their hair, makeup, applying cream to their skin, there is no way of taking care of our vagina. This was when the former housewife saw a white space in the market, she along with her team of female gynecologists believed that women needed this. With the one and only FDA approved pill to enhance desire for women, Barshop foresaw an opportunity to change offerings for women's sexual health.

When Barshop first found Completely Bare in 1998, hair removal was a taboo subject. The businesswoman emphasized that she is passionate about transforming the perceptions of people, she wants them to be acceptive of issues that people are embarrassed about. VSPOT was inspired when Barshop met with a president of a laser company who talked about a new technology to change women's sexual health. The fractional CO2 laser offers a solution to vaginal looseness, post menopausal dryness and incontinence. Its process is fast, pain-free and patients would not have to endure side effects or take pills during or after the treatment.

Known as the Femilift laser, it delivers precisely laser energy into the tissues of the vagina and redirects blood flow to the area and causes the tissues to regenerate, resulting in younger and tighter tissues. Even after one treatment, the effects are immediately. Patrons are required to sit through at least three brief treatments once every four to six weeks for lasting results.

While the treatment might not necessarily prevent cervical cancer, VSPOT has paired up with United Breast Cancer Foundation in hopes of rebuilding the lives and sexual health of breast cancer survivors. VSPOT has certainly found success in assisting women to regain their sex lives and rebuilding intimacy with their husbands or maybe even younger boyfriends.  As Barshop says, "It's the fountain of youth for your vagina."

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