Shobha Tummala, Founder of her namesake hair removal destination, continues to expand her successful, well-received business, and is excited to...

The Go-To Hair Removal Destination Opens New Site

Shobha Tummala, Founder of her namesake hair removal destination, continues to expand her successful, well-received business, and is excited to announce the latest venture in Williamsburg, New York, located at 76 North 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249. First opening their doors on Saturday, November 11th, Shobha Williamsburg is the seventh Shobha salon, the fifth in New York City. Due to an increase in demand and requests from her clientele, launching in Brooklyn was a no-brainer. Shobha Tummala, Founder and CEO of Shobha, says, "We are excited to open in Williamsburg with our first ever store front location, which shows off our new look to further increase the bar and elevate the hair removal experience."

After bringing threading to the mainstream and raising the bar on sanitary speed waxing, Shobha has set out to change the industry for laser hair removal. After being asked by numerous clients to provide laser hair removal services, Shobha launched at the Soho location in September 2015.  Clients know that Shobha Specialists will undergo rigorous training and will make education a priority for their clients especially in such a complicated area like laser hair removal.

The appeal of having waxing, threading, sugaring and laser hair removal all under one roof, will continue to attract new clientele and also excite returning customers. With the new Williamsburg location launch, Shobha will expand the menu offered with the introduction of Microblading, a semi-permanent eyebrow-enhancing technique that will allow her to meet the demand for full, natural eyebrows. Shobha also offers a hand-picked array of natural and effective products, available at this location, and her others, as well as online. As with all locations, Shobha Brooklyn will continue to raise the bar on the hair removal experience, keeping in mind Shobha's core values: to be the best, do the right thing, provide quality, educate and be hygienic. Shobha Tummala always wants hair removal to be a happy and positive experience for everyone.

About Shobha Tummala:

Shobha has a Master's degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and an Electrical Engineering degree from Michigan State University. Prior to starting her own company, she worked at a technology start-up, a management consulting firm and a Fortune 500 company. With a keen business sense, Shobha has created a wholesome brand, becoming a leader in the hair removal category, providing an unparalleled experience for clients, team members and the community. Shobha puts her clients as the first priority, ensuring her services offer the best results possible to serve up hairless happiness to anyone who walks through her door.

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