The power of scent in perfumes and beauty, is profound. It transcends mere aroma to touch upon the very essence of human experience—our memories, desires, emotions, and identities. In a world dominated by visual and auditory stimuli, perfumes remind us of the primal, evocative, and utterly enchanting power of smell. Here are some of our top picks for fall.

Ligne St Barth Vetiver

Ligne St Barth Vetiver for Men Eau de Parfum embodies the seductive and jetset spirit of St Barth with fresh effervescent notes of Vetiver.
Eau de Parfum / $165 / 100 ml.

Eau de Italie Le Sireneuse Positano Body Lotion and Liquid Soap

Eau de Italie Le Sireneuse Positano Body Lotion and Liquid Soap Duo whisks us away to the lush Mediterranean paradise of Positano. With notes of citrus floral and sweet earthy notes of clay, citrus and sea, we just have to close our eyes and we're there.

Zodica Perfumery

Using the stars as her guide, Zodica Perfumery Founder Kristi Moe created signature scents for each sign of the zodiac. Experience each sign and layer the scents to create your own bespoke creation with their perfume palette modeled after the 12 individual star signs. The perfume palette $96.

Eau de New York City

Eau de New York City is a unisex scent with dazzling intensity and classy complexity that doesn't quit. Ideal for 24/7 wear.
Over 200 oils were selected based on New York City's astrological natal birth chart using the date it became the city of boroughs as we know it today: January 1, 1898. The position of the planets and constellations on this date can be read like a story of NYC's vibe and destiny.
Eau de New York City is a blend of Zodica Perfumery's Capricorn (Sun) for hustle, Aries (Moon) for energy, Aquarius (NYC's best-seller) for moxie, and a touch of Virgo for its "Big Apple" note. $110 for 1.7 oz

Any Day Now Eau de Parfum

Any Day Now Eau de Parfum by Altaia is a powerful encounter of rose and oud- seductive and mysterious.

Nothing but a miracle could have produced a love story a hundred and fifty years in the making, and this proves that no matter what we think as we make our way through life, love is always just around the corner, ready to woo us away. All we have to do is keep our hearts open, and love will be caressing like the petals of a rose, deep as the roots of an oak. $230 for 100 ml

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