High Performance Life Hacks for your Mind, Body, & Soul

High Performance Life Hacks for your Mind, Body, & Soul

Since you are a Resident Magazine reader, chances are that you are a high performer, married to a high performer, dating a high performer, or somehow in some way involved with high performers. So, you most likely enjoy the finer things in life and didn’t get to where you are today by thinking small or limiting yourself to all of the luxuries that life has to offer. Am I right?

Now, being a high performer can get stressful and challenging, as I feel like I get tested on a daily basis living here in Brickell, Miami. Being surrounded by an intense success driven atmosphere feels equivalent to New York City life but with a tropical vibe. Here, balancing focus, fitness, social engagements, and gracefully overcoming adversity, all while maintaining composure, becomes a constant juggling act that can feel overwhelming. The truth is, in Miami, everyone's trying to make their mark, and it's all about living up to a glamorous luxury lifestyle fit for go getters and headline makers.

They say if you are not being challenged consistently, then you aren’t doing enough.

Well, sometimes living that way can take a toll on your mind, body, and soul so it’s important to remember that you are not a machine. Breathe. You must create balance in your life with effective techniques to aid in your ability to keep performing at your best capabilities without any setbacks. The techniques I am referring to consist of meditative practices, rejuvenating sound baths, and positive self-talk which keep your energy high allowing you to live your high performance luxury life in the most proactive way.

While being a high performer has many rewards, there will be times where you will feel overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, which can lead to damaging effects for your body and mind. You’ll find out once you get to the interview part of this article and let me tell you, it’s mind blowing.

Now let’s get to it! Let me share with you some things that will help you navigate emotional challenges so you can stay healthy, focused, and happy as you move towards accomplishing all your goals, you winner!


Here are some things that you might find interesting: 

  • 80% of financial success actually comes from your words. 

  • Your words are so powerful that they truly do shape the reality of your success.

  • Thoughts, feelings, and emotions can either make or break your success.

With that being said, as a high performer you MUST constantly retirate powerful phrases that fuel your confidence and self-esteem throughout the day. As challenges appear, and they will, simply reassure yourself that you are skilled, authoritative, respected, successful, established and dominating at life. I know that sounds so easy and a bit elementary BUT this simple act can make such a big impact in your life. By doing this you won’t allow low-frequency issues (problems) to affect your day as you will remain in your confident state of mind without a shadow of a doubt. The goal here is to remain in a winning mindset, and to keep creating wins for yourself.

Throughout the day, take a moment and sit with yourself and say the following:

  • I am worthy of success.

  • I am deserving of success.

  • I am living my success.

Take it even further by saying:

  • I am deserving of BEING successful and having the power to make it happen. 

  • I am deserving of BEING a leader and give myself permission to act as one.

I am deserving of BEING respected, valued, and praised for my efforts and I allow it.

Also, the best trick to start your day in a high vibration is to say the following:

  • I am worthy of wealth.

  • I am deserving of wealth.

  • I am attracting wealth.

  • I am attracting success because I am worth it. 

  • I am attracting success because I am deserving of it. 

  • I am attracting success because I am living it.

To stay successful, you have to train your brain to think and feel that you are successful. Even when things get tough and you panic, stay in your winner mindset. 

As imperative as it is to keep your thoughts and feelings aligned so that your body functions at high capacity, there is one key thing that I do which is my secret to holding it all together and it’s a good one! Ready?


As an Equinox Brickell member, I take part in the Sonic Meditation weekly sound bath sessions led by Shakti Reyna, which I swear by. Here is the overview:

This in-person class at the Brickell Equinox location has become my weekly ritual for releasing the week's negative energies and replenishing me to my natural state of being, cleansed of impurities. 

Take a glimpse of what that looks like so you can get an idea of what I am talking about:

I know that the thought of sound baths might sound a little out there for some of you so that’s why I went straight to the source and met with Shakti after class one day for a quick one-on-one. I wanted to get some insights for you all so you fully understand just how powerful this meditative practice is and why it’s so popular amongst high achievers, and for good reason.

Shakti Reyna / @shaktiwellnessom
Shakti Reyna / @shaktiwellnessom

Shakti, coming from Mexico City, is a certified expert in Yoga, Yin Restorative Yoga, Antigravity Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and various deep inner healing practices which she offers to those who have experienced traumatic life circumstances.

I consider Shakti a magical healer and it was a pleasure to have had the time to spend hearing her wisdom on just how powerful sound bath healing is and what it can do for your overall health. As a high-achiever, I find this meditative practice absolutely crucial in my life, as it gives me balance, releases stress, and rejuvenates me to get clear headed so I can keep being proactive with my tasks.

Without further ado, here’s my interview with Shakti Reyna for your reading pleasure:


Thank you for meeting with me today and let’s get into it. Please share with our readers how sound baths work and everything we need to know about them.


Sound baths use some healing tools that are tuned to a 432 heart frequency which induces the THETA healing, which is a deep state of relaxation. So when you put water on the bowls and you start working with them, the water becomes a sacred geometric form, which is mandalas, and this is what happens in our body.

When you are exposed to these frequencies, your entire body inside is moving and healing, anything that needs to be healed because we are energetic beings. So, in Japanese medicine or Chinese medicine, they are based on the Chi, which is energy, and they say when the Chi is stagnated, which means it's blocked, that means that it becomes a disease because it's energy that is not moving.

So when the energy is not moving, it can become a disease and that's when we get sick. So when you do any kind of sound healing, you are unblocking energy and you are making the Chi flow, which keeps you at ease.

So when you are stressed with life situations, we are not at ease, so it's a disease. Now, when you do this sound bath therapy of sound healing, you are assisting yourself, you giving your body the tools and the power that it needs to heal, whatever needs to be healing inside. Also, when you are exposed to these sessions often, it's extremely positive for your health - for your mind and body. So in general, it's an amazing and intensely powerful tool intended for complete healing.


So what you are doing is you are releasing pent up energy from people, experiences, things, places, because there is energy in everything. It's constantly in circulation, right? Sound baths are a way to release whatever you have maybe come in contact with that does not serve you.


Exactly. Yes. It's like Chinese medicine. This is like acupuncture as in a sense, acupuncture does the same, but with needles. We have channels of meridian points which are connected to our body, to our organs. When they put the needles, the thing that they do is they unblock the energy, allowing the chi to flow. And once your energy is flowing, there's no place for disease. Because when you are whole, then there's no room for sickness.

These practices such as yoga, sound healing, meditation, they assist us into getting to that state of wholeness. Where, when we are in a wholeness position, then there's no room for stagnant energy. There's just no existence for disease.

It's scientifically proven that your mind is powerful. When you use tools like meditation, sound healing, yoga, and natural resources such as the fuel that we take through food you can create lasting positive effects in your life long-term.


Amazing, thank you! Would you say that weekly sound baths are beneficial to staying in this kind of Zen, euphoric state, to feel in your own personal positive energy?


Yes, absolutely. And when you experience this, it lasts for 48 hours. So you might have vivid dreams, you might burst out of like, like, nowhere with tears or just feel a huge release of energy. So even if you leave right now, your body's still doing the job. It's not like when this stops, that's it. No, your body was exposed to this frequency, to this vibration. So your body right now is still doing that movement, flowing the energy. That's why when you're exposed to this, you feel very relaxed, very zen. Like anything can come to you and you will be okay at this moment. If anything happens, you'll be at peace.

The key of happiness and the key of health is when you are happy because stress is what causes us to have disease. You have to release the stress within you. If you don’t release stress you don't release the cortisone which is the most harmful chemical in our bodies that we produce when we are stressed. So by practicing this every day or even just once a week you allow yourself to release harmful chemicals that pollute your body and mind.

Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate everything that you shared with me today and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon for another magical sound bath healing session.

That’s a wrap, Resident Readers! I hope you found this article helpful and motivational. 

We want you to be happy, healthy, and performing at your peak capacity, because after all, you are a winner.

Mariana Weber

High Performance Life Hacks for your Mind, Body, & Soul
How To Turn Your Health & Life Around For The Better

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