Benefits of Red Wavelengths: Know How To Get The Best Out of It

A person taking red light therapy

Red Wavelength reaches deep inside the skin and helps to cure pain, wounds, and wrinkles. The wavelength also impacts blood cells for maintaining proper blood flow. Red-light treatment is also effective for plant growth, increasing photosynthesis in green plants.

The recent studies regarding red wavelengths have been predominantly focused on the welfare of humans. From recovering any pain to recovering the skin nature, the benefits of red wavelengths have been paving well. 

Extending its function on the human body, the red wavelengths have shown success in boosting the plantation. PlatinumLED Therapy Lights: BIOMAX 300 is an amazing versatile innovation, bringing the use of red-light therapy to humans, as well as plants.

According to Precedence Research, the red light therapy market has the potential for 1.52 billion by 2033 with proper innovation and implementation.

Light Therapy Market Size Chart
Precedence research

Non-invasive treatments and the growing prevalence of skin diseases are already getting their proper presence, further more development and accuracy are coming into the development.

Consumers Are Loving The Red Light Therapy

Red wavelengths range from the visible light spectrum, covering the range from 620 nanometers to 750 nanometers. They have relatively longer wavelengths than the other light spectrum. However, their energy is less than the other visible colors like blue or violet. 

There are multiple scopes of implementing the red light. Stimulating photosynthesis in plants is one of the prime areas of using light. Also, red light can be used to improve visibility during the dark hours. It 

Photodynamic therapy for helping and fighting against cancers is also an acceptable and conventional use of red light. A big area of using the red light belongs to the tissue penetration of the skin. This ray of light can penetrate between 1 to 50 mm into the skin.

Introducing PlatinumLED Therapy Lights: BIOMAX Series

Platinum LED therapy lights are one of the most prominent therapy lights on the market. An upgrade of the BIO series red lights, the BIOMAX comes with the 8th generation featuring 7-band R+|NIR+ advanced spectral output. It has been certified by the FDA as a class II medical device.

PlatinumLED Therapy Lights: BIOMAX Series
BIOMAX Series - Powerful LED Light Therapy Products

Currently, there are 4-models of the therapy light; BIOMAX 300, BIOMAX 450, BIOMAX 600, and BIOMAX 900. Each model has its features light more lights, power, coverage, and results. 

 Each model comes with its own pricing. Both the HSA/FSA payment methods are accepted for purchasing the devices. In case of further queries, elite customer support is always available.

The Difference 660nm Red Light Makes

Among all the wavelengths of red light, 660nm is the most preferable one for skin penetration. 

Although 630nm is considerable for a similar purpose, its shorter length sometimes fails to serve the actual purpose. Again higher wavelength like 850nm reaches deep inside the skin and focus on deeper health conditions like mental health improvement, weight loss reduction, and deeper tissue inflation reduction. 

Now, 660nm red light influences daily life in many ways. It is possible to recover the sunburn by implementing the red light on the spot. 

Even wrinkles and fine lines can be treated by 660nm red light therapy. With its special wavelength, it can enter through the pores and act to fix the issues. Bone healing is another recovery trait achievable by 660nm red light. 

Besides that, promoting hair growth is another prominent feature of the 660nm red light. Age spots, stress marks, tissue repairing, and many other skin reconditioning are the primary functions of 660nm red light.

660 nm Red Light Benefits Are Highly Accepted

Talking about benefits, there are many. The most generic and common one deals with the human body and development, as such: 

1. Red Light Therapy For Face

Red light therapy on the face can be beneficial for healing the collagen of the body. It keeps the skin tight and removes wrinkles, making the skin tone of the face brighter. Applying red light therapy on the face increases the blood flow of the body as well. Moreover, inflamed blood tissues become smoother and fix acne and rosacea. 

2. Red Light Therapy For Pain

Implying red light therapy on a painful area can eliminate or remove the pain well. The therapy works on the sourced blood causing the pain, enacts, and removes it from the body. Later, the blood circulation of the area boosts up and the spot comes into being naturally. 

3. Red Light Therapy For Skin

When the red light enters the skin, the mitochondria interact with the ray. Slow, it simulates to produce the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which produces huge energy in your body. With that, each cell consumes energy and becomes highly energized. The cells perform functions accordingly like repairing themselves up, replicating, and whatnot.

Using Red Light Therapy at Home

Red light therapy has become so innovative now, that you can use it at your home.  PlatinumLED Therapy Lights: The BIOMAX Series brings you all the benefits and traits of red light therapy in it. To use it at home, follow certain steps: 

1. Select the Right Device

The right device should consist of the red light range between 620nm to 660nm. Consider the size of your room as well. The light impact will depend on the area, free space, air circulation, and time consumption in the room. 

2. Setting up Space

Red light therapy sessions should be carried out in an empty and comfortable space. There should be sufficient space for setting up the device accordingly. Any such risk factors that can cause damage to the device should be removed from the surroundings. 

3. Preparation For The Therapy

Ensuring clean and fresh skin before the red light therapy is a must. Unclean and dirty skin will restrict the light from performing its casual duties. The light won’t enter well inside the skin. 

As a whole, the session will bring little to no benefit to unclean skin. And for skin cleansing, don’t use any photosensitive products. There would be good radiation from the red light, so such a product can be risky. 

4. Performing The Session Correctly

Sessions of red-light therapy shouldn’t last more than 20 mins at any cost. Depending on the requirements, the time ranges differently. For example, a session of 10-20 minutes will allow the red light to make a proper penetration inside the skin tissues. 

The distance between the device and the skin should be optimal. A 6-inch distance from the device for a straight 10 minutes is considered a perfect benchmarking. 

5. Post-Treatment Care

Post-treatment care is highly recommended, as the skin becomes relaxed and composed after going through such treatment. Not necessary that you have to undergo post-treatment care, it’s just it brings relaxation and calmness to the skin. 

6. Monitoring the Progress

After consistently going through the red-light therapy, compare the progression through the naked eye. There would be a glow on the skin if the target was made so. For pain relief, you can feel that. To understand a deep action on the skin, take photographs before the therapy, and compare it after weeks of the sessions. Progression in removing sunburns can be well understood here.

A person taking red light therapy
Timeless Beauty: Skin Care Secrets for Every Stage of Life

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