Akiba African Wood Furniture Launches Showroom in Dania Beach

Akiba African Wood Furniture Launches Showroom in Dania Beach

Akiba African Wood Furniture Launches Showroom in Dania Beach

Miami (December 9, 2022) – Global furniture brand Akiba is unveiling its first U.S. showroom in Miami. Located at 1941 Tigertail Blvd. in Dania Beach, the store represents Akiba's strategic step to strengthen the brand's presence among North American design professionals.

On Saturday, Akiba African Wood Furniture hosted an exclusive champagne reception to celebrate the launch of its U.S. Showroom in Dania Beach. Special Guests included Gabonese Minister of Water, Forests, the Sea, and Environment, Prof. Lee White, and Mayor of Dania Beach Tamara James. Additionally, famed landscape architect Nathan Browning — known for designing the residence of the President of Gabon and various Aman properties worldwide — joined Akiba in celebrating its new flagship.

Designed by Akiba, the showroom has an area of 6,500 square feet, divided into various distinct spaces. The layout is intentionally designed for displays to showcase the versatility of Akiba's iconic products. The unique collection features live edge tables and contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture and fixtures that transform any space into a reflection of elegance, integrity, and sustainability.

Designed by Akiba, the showroom has an area of 6500 square feet and is divided into various distinct spaces. The layout is intentionally designed for different exhibitions to showcase the versatility of Akiba's iconic products. Akiba's collection features live edge tables as well as contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture, flooring, and fixtures that transform any space into a beautiful lifestyle, reflecting elegance, integrity, and sustainability. The Miami showroom displays a passion for design, and a love for details and highlights the craftsmanship and technical mastery that the Akiba is known for. Beyond the doors of the new showroom, there will be a customer welcome area and a work area where clients can meet with their architect or interior designer. There is also a warehouse space where different slabs of wood are stored that the upfront showroom cannot accommodate.

The inspiration for the interior design of the space stems from Akiba's use of natural wood and is seen in the space through the layout and in the new indoor and outdoor furniture collections that are presented for different uses: office, corporate, restaurants, and hotels, outdoor terrace areas, and homes.

"Akiba is proud to be expanding our North American operations to include a US location in the city of Miami," states Gianni Sharrouf, Vice-President, of Furniture Business, Arise IIP. Sharrouf oversees the development of the company's Akiba furniture brand. "This expansion establishes our company's investment in the North American market to offer more sustainable options to consumers." Arise IIP, is a Dubai-based developer of industrial ecosystems in Africa.

Akiba offers three main product lines, organic-shaped, live-edge style slabs for dining and occasional tabletops, contemporary design wooden furniture, and Artisanal work by Gabonese sculptors of animal and warrior sculptures, masks, and authentic artwork from Gabon. Akiba's collection is created from the incredible variety of wood species found within Gabon's old-growth rainforests. The wood selected derives from Gabon's unique ecosystem that offers endemic and noble wood species, many of which are durable yet versatile, and resistant to termites and other insects. They range in color from reddish-brown to golden yellow, pinkish orange, and dark brown, and in texture – allowing Akiba to cover the full range of furniture and fixtures. What differentiates Akiba is the authenticity of their values rather than the superiority of the product, per se. The use of noble woods, sustainably sourced from the forests of Gabon to manufacture high-quality furniture is a definite unique selling point. The prices of the furniture vary according to the shape of each product, and especially the wood species used. Some of the live-edge tables made of the famous Kevazingo wood retail at $42,000.

Akiba is built on three pillars of responsibility: environmental (working exclusively with ethically sourced and traceable wood), cultural (promoting products that are "made in Gabon" along with showcasing the Gabonese rich cultural heritage), and social (equal opportunities within the company, recognition, and rewards based on merit, with no racial, social, gender discrimination). Akiba is working with supply chain partners with verified social responsibility as per the legal framework in Gabon. Akiba means 'thank you' in the language of the Fang people of Gabon and Central Africa.

This expression of gratitude goes to the heart of the Akiba products. Akiba recognizes and pays tribute to the forests and trees that provide the inspiration for its furniture. Akiba appreciates the skills of the carpenters who see the potential in each tree and transform, treat, and design it, using advanced techniques and traditional artistic sensibilities to create unique and elegant pieces that showcase the warmth and natural beauty of wood. Akiba's unique approach is underpinned by a sincere appreciation for the materials used, the people who make each masterpiece, and the creative processes that bring them to life. Exclusive coverage by Resident Team

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