How Can A VA Help Your Business Grow?

How Can A VA Help Your Business Grow?

For those who are running a business on their own, it can often feel like you're running between tasks and work – with no room to breathe. Over time, it can be stressful to be returning emails and working on client work, marketing, and more. So what can you do when you perhaps can't afford to hire extra people? A virtual assistant.  A virtual assistant is typically highly skilled and can pick up many of the tasks that cause you to spend time on things that aren't really what you want to do. Unlock the multitude of virtual assistant benefits for your business, delivering substantial advantages and efficiency.

What is a virtual assistant? 

For business owners who want to have full flexibility, low overheads, and manage more tasks per day, a virtual assistant is ideal. A virtual assistant is an assistant that is remote and will handle many of the administrative parts of what you do. But it's not just that; they can tackle your never-ending emails, make calls, work on your social media accounts, and more. 

What tasks can a virtual assistant do?

Since virtual assistance has been more popular, there is one for almost every type of business. Although there is a set of tasks that are commonly associated with a virtual assistant, most of them will be good for anyone from a new podcaster to a SaaS freelancer and everything in between. 

  • Data entry – compile data, check for inaccuracies, and update the records. 
  • Social media – creating content for all of your platforms is time-consuming, so handing it off can make a huge time impact on your business. 
  • Content – blogging is one of the best ways to keep your website fresh; a virtual assistant who can create good copy is perfect. 
  • Research – if you don't have time to research, a list given to an efficient VA can make a huge difference.
  • Customer service – for those who need someone to handle incoming calls and inquiries, a live virtual receptionist can be the perfect option.

How can a virtual assistant grow your business?

When you are running a business or a really busy freelancer, you might find that you are tight on time. Working late hours, chasing client payments, handling engagement, and trying to grow your business can quickly make you more tired. A virtual assistant can step in and take on the tasks that you simply don't have time for. 

So what are the biggest benefits to you, and how can an assistant grow your business? 


The work is piling up; you are having a discussion with a potential new client, three invoices are unpaid, and your social media platforms haven't been updated in a while – and it is all getting a bit stressful. There are times when you might thrive and push through, and then there are times when you need an extra set of hands. A virtual assistant can take up some of the tasks that give you the most stress and give you some extra time to enjoy your hard work. 


You don't need to hire a VA on a full-time or even part-time basis. There are many that are available for just a few hours a week, and that can be enough. Many VA packages are built for freelancers and small businesses – which means they are as flexible as you need them to be. 

You can also see about booking a few hours to see if it makes a difference and if you would like the support on a more permanent basis. 


If you find you are waking up at 5 a.m. and finishing around midnight trying to get everything done. Or skipping out on social events or missing your children's plays or sports games trying to get everything done – it might be time to buy yourself some time. 

When you are successful, the demand will always be there, but taking time off and a step back to work on things is a must. A virtual assistant is a quick and effective way to hand off a few tasks and give yourself more time. 


Often, one of the things that can help your business grow is handling multiple things at once. Your VA can help with following up with clients and even the initial onboarding. Using a combination of your VA and some smart AI, you can automate some of the processes you need – and focus on growing your business. 

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