Keep Your Warehouse Clean
Keep Your Warehouse CleanPhoto by ELEVATE

How To Keep Your Warehouse Clean

A clean and organized warehouse isn’t just nice to look at; it’s also a much safer space for your team to work in - plus, you’ll be able to find things much easier when you need them. So there are clearly many reasons to keep your warehouse clean, but how can you do it? With difficult-to-reach areas, lots of machinery, and the fact that it’ll be open to the outside a lot of the time, what can be done? Read on to find out. 

Have A Cleaning Schedule

Putting a cleaning schedule together so that everything gets done regularly is a great idea. The more often the warehouse gets clean, the less time it’ll take, and if you split the job into various tasks and make sure everyone who works there has a part to play, it’ll all become even easier. 

When people are able to take ownership of where they work, they’ll often be proud of it and take good care of it, so by involving your team as much as possible, you’re giving your business more chance of being efficient because you’ll have happier employees. Of course, they’re not going to be able to do everything, especially if it needs specialist equipment, like commercial high dusting does, so make sure you’re sensible with your task allocation and hire professionals when you need to as well. 

Invest In Plenty Of Storage

One of the reasons why warehouses get so messy (which makes them unsafe, hard to keep clean, and could lead to problems with your inventory - including broken stock) is that there’s just not enough storage, so when you invest in plenty of storage, you’ll be solving that problem instantly and helping to keep your warehouse much cleaner. 

You can have racking, shelves, boxes to lock away the hazardous items you might have in the warehouse, and so on. If everything has its place and your team is trained to put things back where they got them from (and to go around putting stray items away at the end of the day), then that investment is going to pay dividends, and your warehouse will be clean and tidy from now on. 

Regular Equipment Maintenance

Ideally, this is something you’ll already be doing in your business because whatever equipment you have is sure to be important - you wouldn’t have it if it wasn’t - and that means that if it’s not maintained properly, your business could suffer. 

But let’s say that you don’t already regularly maintain your equipment; if you want a clean and tidy warehouse, it’s time to start. If your equipment, such as forklifts, conveyor belts, and other machinery, breaks down because it’s not been taken care of, you could have lots of ‘bits’ all over the place from trying to fix it, and that messy work environment isn’t just unsightly - it’s potentially dangerous (not to mention the fact that you’ll be a lot less productive without your equipment working properly). Take the time to check on your equipment more often, and you’ll save a lot of problems - and money too. 

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