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Leila Centner
Leila CentnerPhoto Credit Gage Skindmore

Breaking Boundaries in Health and Education: An Insightful Conversation with Leila Centner

Discover the Visionary Behind Centner Academy and Centner Wellness and Her Revolutionary Approach to Holistic Health

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the inspiring journey of Leila Centner, a visionary entrepreneur who transitioned from the world of finance to create a transformative impact in the fields of education and wellness. As the founder of Centner Academy and Centner Wellness, Leila shares her compelling story of overcoming personal health challenges and her mission to integrate holistic practices and modern biohacking techniques into comprehensive wellness and educational solutions. Join us as we explore the pivotal moments that led to the creation of these groundbreaking institutions and the innovative approaches that set them apart.

Leila Centner Brickell Spa
Leila Centner Brickell SpaPhoto Credit Centner Wellness

Leila, can you take us through the journey that led you from finance to founding Centner Academy and now Centner Wellness? What pivotal moment inspired you to transition from the financial sector to the wellness and education sectors?


My journey began with my undergraduate studies in accounting at USC, where I developed a passion for numbers and eventually became a CPA. After achieving my dream of becoming one of the youngest CFOs at a billion-dollar company, I faced a turning point during the 2008 financial crisis, which led me to start my own virtual accounting firm. My personal life also influenced this transition, as I moved from California to New York to be with my husband. 

However, the true catalyst for shifting to education and wellness came when we were searching for schools for our daughter in New York. The options available were so disheartening that it brought me to tears; none met our standards for a holistic educational environment that prioritized the well-being and happiness of students. This frustration sparked the idea to create our own school — one that would offer a nurturing, holistic approach to education, which was the inception of Centner Academy.

As we embarked on this educational venture, my personal health struggles with Lyme disease, mold exposure, and related complications deepened my commitment to wellness. These challenges underscored the lack of integrated health solutions that approached the body holistically. It led me to establish Centner Wellness, aiming to empower others by merging modern biohacking techniques with ancient holistic practices to address health comprehensively. This experience transformed my entrepreneurial journey into a mission to enhance education and health, impacting not just my family but the community at large.

Adina Birthday
Adina BirthdayPhoto Credit Leila Centner

You've shared that a deeply personal health journey led to the creation of Centner Wellness. Can you elaborate on how your experiences with mold, parasites, and Lyme disease influenced the therapies and treatments offered at your wellness center?


My personal health struggles profoundly shaped the therapies and treatments we offer at Centner Wellness. Living unknowingly with these conditions led me to experience severe symptoms that were initially misdiagnosed as allergies or other common ailments. This experience taught me the importance of identifying the root causes rather than treating symptoms superficially.

When we finally diagnosed the true causes of our health issues through comprehensive testing, it opened my eyes to the gaps in traditional healthcare diagnostics. This led to the incorporation of advanced diagnostic tools at our wellness center, emphasizing thorough testing like mold urine tests and comprehensive stool analysis, which can detect hidden health issues like yeast overgrowth or parasites. 

At Centner Wellness, we advocate for a proactive approach to health, empowering our clients to understand their bodies better and encouraging them to seek deeper answers. We provide them with the knowledge and tools to take control of their health, integrating cutting-edge biohacking techniques and traditional healing methods to address these often overlooked conditions. This dual approach ensures our clients are not just treating symptoms but are making informed decisions about their health based on a comprehensive understanding and clear diagnostic results.

Edgewater Spa
Edgewater SpaPhoto Credit Centner Wellness

As an entrepreneur in the ever evolving world of health and wellness, what have been some of the most significant challenges you've faced in establishing Centner Wellness, and how did you overcome them?


Establishing Centner Wellness brought significant challenges, particularly in bridging the gap between financial accessibility and holistic health solutions. Realizing many couldn't afford the health journey I underwent, I was motivated to create a center that offered scalable solutions. We provide simple, effective health practices that people can start at home, like adopting a clean diet and using affordable tools like infrared saunas or coffee enamas at home to aid detoxification. This approach not only helps those who can visit our centers but extends our reach to those who cannot.

Juice Bar
Juice BarPhoto Credit Regener8 Farm

Your approach at Centner Wellness blends ancient holistic practices with modern biohacking techniques. What drove your passion for this unique combination, and how do you ensure it resonates with and benefits your clientele?


My passion for blending ancient holistic practices with modern biohacking techniques stems from my personal health journey and the gaps I identified in traditional health education. Initially, I had little understanding of complex wellness concepts like Rife frequencies or lymphatic drainage and realized that if these concepts were new to me, they would likely be unfamiliar to others as well. This insight drove the educational focus at our wellness center, ensuring that we not only provide healing technologies but also educate our clients about how these technologies aid in detoxification and strengthen the immune system.

We view the body as a remarkable system capable of self-healing, often requiring just a nudge to facilitate its natural processes. Our approach at Centner Wellness involves using biohacking to provide this nudge, whether it's through clearing lymphatic blockages, removing bodily toxins like metals or mold, or enhancing overall cellular health. This not only helps our clients' bodies return to their optimal state but also empowers them with the knowledge to maintain and enhance their health independently.

To ensure this approach resonates with our clientele, we focus on clear communication and education, making the science behind our practices accessible and understandable. This approach helps demystify the healing process, enabling clients to actively participate in their health journey and recognize our center as a place where advanced healing and education converge for their benefit.

InfraslimPhoto Credit Centner Wellness

As a female leader, how do you empower other women within your organization and in the broader community to take charge of their health and well-being?


I prioritize empowering women within my organization and the broader community by providing accessible health resources and educational support. At Centner Academy and Centner Wellness, all employees, including teachers and administrative staff, have free access to our wellness facilities and medical consultations. We offer these without any markup on services or products, like supplements and health protocols, which are often financially out of reach for many.

For instance, our wellness initiatives have led to transformative health outcomes for our staff; teachers who previously faced chronic illnesses report significant improvements, and some have even reversed conditions that frequently kept them unwell. By making these resources affordable and accessible, we not only help improve their health but also set a powerful example for the children they teach, emphasizing the importance of well-being and proactive health management.

This approach also extends to our educational programs, where we emphasize the importance of holistic health practices. By witnessing the positive changes in their colleagues, our staff members become advocates for health themselves, encouraging a culture of wellness that impacts the entire community. This not only fosters a supportive work environment but also propels our mission to promote sustainable health practices among future generations.

Charlie Kirk Presentation
Charlie Kirk PresentationPhoto Credit Leila Centner

With Centner Wellness's rapid expansion and success, what are your long-term goals for the facility, and how do you see it evolving in the wellness and biohacking industry?


Our long-term goals for Centner Wellness are deeply intertwined with our broader vision of impacting the education, wellness, and food sectors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized the opportunity to integrate these areas more cohesively, starting with our Regener8 Farm. This farm operates on principles of zero chemical use and supports a farm-to-table model that provides our school with fresh, organic produce, including eggs from free-range chickens that feed on organic compost.

Looking ahead, we plan to expand this concept into a series of Regener8 Farm cafes, with the first launching at Aria at the Bay. These cafes will serve dishes directly sourced from our farms, coupled with wellness centers to create holistic spaces where community members can nourish both body and mind. Our aim is not just to serve food but to educate and empower individuals about the benefits of sustainable farming and nutritional diets.

This integration exemplifies our commitment to fostering a healthier community by making holistic wellness and education accessible. We want to leave a legacy that transcends traditional wellness models, making a tangible impact on how people approach health, education, and sustainability in their daily lives. By nurturing the body with clean food, educating the mind, and caring for the community, we hope to elevate humanity's overall well-being and resilience.

Regener8 Farm
Regener8 FarmPhoto Credit Leila Centner

As we wrap up our conversation, can you tell us more about the two Centner Wellness locations? What is unique about each of them?


As we consider Centner Wellness's development and expansion, it's important to understand the distinct characteristics and visions of our two existing locations and our plans for future expansion.

At our Brickell location, we have what I like to call a "mega biohacking facility." This center is outfitted with a wide array of advanced technology that supports a wide range of biohacking strategies. It's designed for those who are deeply invested in exploring the cutting edge of wellness technology, offering everything from advanced body scanning to genetic optimization. It’s truly a Candyland of technology for wellness enthusiasts.

In contrast, our Edgewater location is a more intimate setting, which we call our "mini center." This site focuses primarily on colonics, bodywork, massage, and facials. It’s designed to serve as a community wellness hub, providing essential wellness services that are accessible and affordable. This center focuses on maintaining digestive health and enhancing well-being through more traditional wellness practices.

Looking forward, we're also planning to introduce more of these mini centers, such as the upcoming one at Aria at the Bay. These will be about 5,000 square feet each and will focus heavily on detox services like colonics, infrared and hydrogen baths, and IV therapies. These centers will be community-oriented, offering lower cost services and memberships to make wellness more accessible to a broader audience.

Additionally, we are excited about a new venture—a retreat center on our farm. This will be a place where adults can participate in summer camps focusing on soul-level work, incorporating the cleanest, healthiest food, breathwork, and meditation. It’s all about creating a space to rejuvenate and learn wellness practices that participants can take back to their daily lives and share with others.

Each of these centers embodies our commitment to making holistic wellness available across different community sectors, ensuring that everyone can find a path to health that resonates with their needs and lifestyle.

Juice Bar
Juice BarPhoto Credit Regener8 Farm

Leila Centner's journey from finance to founding Centner Academy and Centner Wellness underscores her commitment to holistic education and wellness. Through innovative strategies and a blend of ancient and modern practices, she has created accessible and comprehensive health solutions, continually pushing the boundaries to enhance community well-being.

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