A Zest for Zambia

Deep in the heart of the southern African country of Zambia, in the South Luangwa National Park, quietly exists two very special safari camps: Camp Chinzombo and Luwi Camp of Norman Carr Safaris.

South African Grandeur

Set in the tranquil and exclusive tree-lined ambassadorial suburb of Sandhurst, on the northwestern slope of Johannesburg, the Saxon Hotel, exemplifies five-star elegance and unparalleled South African hospitality.

Luxury in the Sky

While the thought of a 16 hour flight can be a bit daunting, South African Airways whisks you in style with a direct flight from JFK to Johannesburg.

Off the Beaten Path in Kenya

The next morning, as things often do unfold in Kenya, it just kept getting better. I awoke to several adult warthogs and their babies trotting, tails up, through the savannah, just steps away from my patio at Sweetwaters Serena Camp.