Meet The Trendsetting Musician – Cynthia Basinet

Meet The Trendsetting Musician – Cynthia Basinet

Meet The Trendsetting Musician – Cynthia Basinet

Among the iconic sounds of the recent Holiday season is the song "Santa Baby".  First sung in the 1950s the song has remained relevant with its contemporary sound by Cynthia Basinet – one of the most sultry seductive voices in the music scene.

Growing up Cynthia was a classically trained musician, developing her skills with the saxophone and flute – the former presaging her career as being among the best-performing jazz singers in the world today.  Her voice and performance conjure up Hollywood's golden era of glamour through her sultry jazz recordings.

More than just a voice or performer, Cynthia Basinet has been ahead of the curve most of her career as an innovator, seeking to simply do things differently.  She was a model starting her career in San Francisco thanks to Bob Mackie which led her to be based in Paris, France for five years. Whilst there she studied French cinematography and learned French fluently while being shot by some of the world's leading photographers for Europe's elite fashionistas in Paris, London, and Milan.

An astute businesswoman and thinker, Cynthia recognized and embraced the liberating power of new technologies to reach new audiences in entertainment with her creativity. As a recording artist, Basinet established a new channel of distribution for her music, using the Internet to bypass the traditional recording industry path to bring her releases directly to listeners wherever they may be located.

The innovatively strategic move in music distribution garnered Cynthia Basinet worldwide radio play and millions of downloads where she created an entertainment phenomenon with her sultry rendition of "Santa Baby" which was part of the soundtrack for the 2003 Movie, Party Monster and used in an episode of TV Hit NCIS: LA on CBS.

Basinet's awareness of social issues that affect individuals, families, and society universally, led her to use her musical talents as a platform to raise awareness of the plight of others in our World, including a visit in the early 2000s to refugee camps in Africa's Western Sahara. Here she sought to raise awareness and inspire hope for those in need and as a consequence was included in the book, "1000 Peace Women Across The Globe" which was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Award in 2005.

Cynthia spent the past decade as a recording artist releasing a second album and several singles.  In 2019, she moved to the Capital of the music industry, Nashville, where Cynthia published her first book in 2020, How to be Civil in an Uncivil World (Archway Publishing ISBN: 9781480892712), and followed this with her podcast in 2021, The World According to Cynthia.  She is currently recording the follow-ups to "Sweet Dreams" and "Eventually".

Cynthia Basinet Discography:

2022    You Belong to Me, Single

2015    All of Me (Remix Featuring Klubjumers), Single

2014    Eventually, Single

2012    It's only a Paper Moon, Single

2012    The Christmas Song (Chesnuts Roasting on an Open Fire), Single

2012    The Standard, Album

2009    Remixed

2006    The Collection, Album

2001    For You With Love, EP

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