Kahlil, Dylan, & Tripp
Kahlil, Dylan, & TrippPhoto Courtesy TLC

Exclusive Interview With The Men of TLC's Hit Show "Love & Translation"

Reality TV stars Kahlil, Dylan, & Tripp tell us about their experience dating 12 international women who don't speak their language!

About The Show

"Love & Translation" is a groundbreaking reality dating show, hosted by Sangita Patel, that tests the power of love across language barriers. Set in a tropical paradise, the series follows three American men—Dylan, Kahlil, and Tripp—as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Their goal is to find true love among a diverse group of women from around the globe. The catch? None of the women speak English, and the men do not speak the languages of the women. This unique concept challenges the participants to find new ways to communicate and connect, using non-verbal cues, body language, and various creative methods to express feelings and build relationships. From exhilarating dates to dramatic confrontations, the show explores whether love can truly transcend all barriers.

12 International Women
12 International WomenPhoto Courtesy TLC

Meet The Men

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the bachelors from the reality TV show "Love & Translation." During our conversation, I asked them about their experiences on the show, the challenges of navigating relationships across language barriers, and their future aspirations. Among them, Dylan Hodge (@realdylanhodge), a 21-year-old from Miami, Florida, brought his charismatic personality and charm to the show. Former college football player Kahlil Haughton (@kahlil_haughton), 24, hails from Texas and exudes a down-to-earth vibe that makes him relatable and endearing. Completing the trio is Tripp Bromley (@tripp_bromley), a 30-year-old personal trainer based in Los Angeles, whose vibrant energy and outgoing nature add a dynamic layer to the group. Together, these men embarked on a unique journey to find love, let's dive into our exclusive interview with these gentlemen!

Pictured from Left to Right: Dylan, Kahlil, & Tripp
Pictured from Left to Right: Dylan, Kahlil, & TrippPhoto Courtesy TLC

Exclusive Interview


Caroline: Thank you all for joining me! We'll start with Dylan, what inspired you to join a dating show with such a unique communication challenge? What positive experiences or goals were you looking forward to achieving through this adventure?


Dylan: I love to travel and learn about different cultures, so when I found out about this opportunity to meet a lot of international women from different countries and cultures, I was so thrilled. I went in with the goal of meeting someone who can potentially be my partner for life or my girlfriend. I also wanted to learn about more cultures and a different language. Specifically Spanish, as it’s spoken a lot in Miami where I live!


Caroline: Kahlil, reflecting on your time on the show, which activities or dates do you think were the most effective in overcoming the communication challenges and why?


Kahlil: I believe that the most effective challenges for overcoming the communication barrier had to be all the activities we did that had to do with our senses, the staring contest, the smelling contest, etc. they were all so awkward for everyone that I think it brought us together. We could laugh about how unusual and intimate the experiences were while they also strengthened our bonds.


Caroline: Now this one is for Tripp, what strategies did you find most effective for communicating effectively despite the language barrier, and how did you apply these during the show?


Tripp: I found that simply communicating through the eyes was one of the most effective and powerful ways of communicating without spoken word.

Tripp, Dylan, & Kahlil are introduced to the house with Sangita Patel
Tripp, Dylan, & Kahlil are introduced to the house with Sangita PatelPhoto Courtesy TLC

Caroline: Dylan, was it hard to handle the friction/rivalry between the women while also trying to find love?


Dylan: It was incredibly difficult to maneuver different people’s feelings without hurting anyone. This was definitely a unique challenge that I’ve never experienced before and had trouble navigating!


Caroline: Now Kahlil, how did cultural differences impact your dating experiences on the show? What did you learn about the role of culture in forming romantic connections?


Kahlil:  The cultural differences were so fascinating to me because so many things have different meanings and to see how something so subtle could be the biggest divider or bring you closer. As far as the role it played, it’s huge. It’s something that makes you really be hyper aware of your actions and how you treat people. If you aren’t attentive enough, you could easily do something offensive and although it may not be meant that way, the cultural difference makes it seem so. But if you can really humble yourself and try to learn about others and their culture it’s truly shocking to see how much you can learn and develop relationships in different ways.


Caroline: Tripp, there were many times when your good intentions were misunderstood. In times where miscommunications led to tension, how did you navigate these challenges?


Tripp: I did not allow it to disrupt me as my goal was not to please everyone! The goal was to find my one true love and I knew in my heart that none of it would've mattered for who was right for me.

All female cast gather outside the beach house
All female cast gather outside the beach housePhoto Courtesy TLC

Caroline: Dylan, as you look back at your journey on the show, what are you most proud of?


Dylan: I am most proud of feeling like I really got to know most of the women without speaking any of their languages. I also enjoyed being chosen by most ladies in some of the initial challenges like the pheromone challenge. Haha. I am also extremely proud of the friendships I made with the guys, as we are still close to this day and talk all the time.


Caroline: Kahlil, what was the biggest lesson about love and relationships that you learned from this experience?


Kahlil: The biggest lesson I learned was love has no bounds. People in the same culture can be broken up by the slightest inconvenience, meanwhile people who can’t speak the same language still regularly make everlasting connections. And I got to see firsthand how love can transcend words or physical appearance.


Caroline: Tripp what is the funniest memory/story from the show that you’ll never forget!


Tripp: The funniest memory was when I was reading poetry by the great Gobble D. Gook to one of the women and they recited it back to me in their own unique way!

Dylan speaks to the women on the patio and laughs
Dylan speaks to the women on the patio and laughsPhoto Courtesy TLC

Caroline: Before we wrap things up, is there anything you all would like to say to your fans and the viewers who supported you throughout the season?


Dylan:  A huge thank you to all the fans who tuned in throughout the season. Thirteen episodes is a lot to watch, so I really appreciate and am grateful for the commitment!

Kahlil: To my fans and the viewers, I love y’all and appreciate the support. I hope y’all can learn something from my awkwardly funny experience and use it to open up your minds to how big the world really is. And I hope you continue to follow me through life so we can learn together and spread love around the world.

Tripp: Thank you to everyone who watched and supported us throughout the series. It has been my life’s dream to perform and entertain on a big stage. Thank you to Sharp Entertainment, TLC, and Warner Bros. Discovery for making it a reality.


Caroline: Any future aspirations or projects that you’d like to share?


Dylan: I want to get into modeling and am open to doing another reality TV show. I also want to launch a streetwear line soon.

Kahlil: My aspirations are to build a worldwide community that people can learn from, feel comfortable growing in, and learn to live life with joy. Whether that’s supporting my entrepreneurial business or following my social media platform, I just want to build a community that everyone feels like they can be a part of. So if you continue to follow me on social media, I appreciate you!

Tripp: I aspire to entertain the world for the rest of my days. Television, commercials, movies, hosting. I hope to be an inspiration on social media as well. It is my calling and my passion.


Caroline: Thank you for joining me today and sharing your stories!! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

The female cast listen as host Sangita Patel describes their next day
The female cast listen as host Sangita Patel describes their next dayPhoto Courtesy TLC

Where to Watch

All 13 episodes of "Love & Translation" are now streaming on Max, Fubo, Philo, and Discovery Plus. If you have a premium subscription to any of the following services, you can also watch it there: Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, The Roku Channel, and Amazon Prime Video. For those who have cable TV, you can watch for free on TLC Go! If you're curious about how love can flourish without a common language, you'll definitely want to tune in. Join Dylan, Kahlil, and Tripp as they navigate romance, culture, and drama. Grab a sneak peek of their journey—check out the trailer below!

New Series First Look | Love & Translation | TLC

Love & Translation
Love & TranslationPhoto Courtesy TLC

For more information on how to watch, latest news, and videos, go to https://www.tlc.com/shows/love-and-translation.

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