How to Spend St. Patrick's Day in Ireland

Discover the Many Ways you can Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland!
Streets of Dublin
Streets of DublinPhoto Courtesy Caroline Dalal
St. Patrick's Day Parade Float
St. Patrick's Day Parade FloatPhoto Courtesy Caroline Dalal

The Parade

St. Patrick's Day in Ireland wouldn't be the same without its grand St. Patrick's Day Parade, weaving through the lively city streets of Dublin. To get the full experience, you need to be there by 9 am to grab a good spot, or you might miss out on the fun. The parade began around 1pm and the vibe was incredible as the streets are filled with energy, music, and people decked out in green. The parade is a dazzling mix of floats, bands, and performers, truly capturing the essence of St. Patrick's Day. It's the heart of the celebration and an experience you won't want to miss.

Temple Bar
Temple BarPhoto Courtesy Caroline Dalal

Temple Bar

Temple Bar in Dublin is the place to be on St. Patrick's Day, radiating the festive Irish spirit like nowhere else. Known as the city's most famous pub, it's always buzzing and packed with people. Inside, you'll find a spacious area filled with the sound of live bands playing upbeat Irish music. Don't miss out on trying a "Baby Guinness" shot, a tasty shot of coffee liqueur topped with Irish cream that looks like a tiny pint of Guinness. It's a fun experience that perfectly sums up the lively atmosphere of the day.

Trinity's Old Library
Trinity's Old LibraryPhoto Courtesy Caroline Dalal

Trinity College & The Book of Kells

For a blend of celebration and culture, Trinity College Dublin offers a perfect retreat. This historic university, famed for its cobbled squares and majestic architecture, is home to the Book of Kells, an ancient illuminated manuscript of the Gospels, renowned for its detailed artistry. Exploring the college's grounds and viewing the Book of Kells offers a peaceful yet enriching way to take a break from the city's festive buzz, adding a touch of history and artistic charm to your day.

Guinness Beer
Guinness BeerPhoto Courtesy Caroline Dalal

Guinness Storehouse Tour

If you are a lover of beer, you can't skip the Guinness Storehouse tour, a deep dive into the world of Ireland's most famous brewery. The tour provides an immersive journey through the brewing, distribution, and marketing of Guinness. Concluding at the Gravity Bar, visitors can enjoy a complimentary pint of Guinness while taking in panoramic views of Dublin's skyline. It is truly unforgettable and leaves you with a great appreciation for Ireland's brewing heritage.

Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of MoherPhoto Courtesy Caroline Dalal

Cliffs of Moher

For those seeking serenity and stunning scenery, you definitely need to visit the Cliffs of Moher. Located on Ireland's west coast, these impressive cliffs provide spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. It's a peaceful way to spend St. Patrick's Day, far from the busy crowds. Plus, it's a chance to soak in the beauty of Ireland's natural wonders. While there, you can take a leisurely walk along the cliff paths, feel the ocean breeze, and maybe even catch a glimpse of some wildlife. It's an experience definitely suited for nature-goers and a great way to celebrate the holiday.

Clover Plant
Clover PlantPhoto Courtesy Caroline Dalal

To truly savor the St. Patrick's Day experience in Ireland, I recommend extending your stay beyond the holiday. The richness of the Irish celebration cannot be fully appreciated in a single day. From the lively parades to the tranquil beauty of the Cliffs of Moher, each experience offers a unique perspective of Ireland. So, consider booking your trip for next year, allowing ample time to explore and enjoy all of activities that Ireland has to offer during this festive season.

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