Exploring Curacao’s Colorful Tapestry and Rich Heritage

Curaçao's Cultural Canvas: A Blend of Vibrant Art, Cuisine, and Resorts
Curacao’s Colorful Tapestry
Curacao’s Colorful Tapestry Courtesy of Curacao Toursium Board

When you arrive in Curacao, you feel the energy of one million smiles you have yet to meet. The first smile you meet will most likely say dushi! This phrase is a common term, meaning everything is good! Do you like your food? You say, "This food is dushi. You encounter a person you want and greet them with, 'Hey Dushi, how are you?' Curacao has a very distinct and unique vibe like no other island. Curaçao is a Dutch Caribbean island located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. It's also the largest of the  ABC islands, including Aruba and Bonaire. Due to its location outside the hurricane belt, Curacao seldom experiences hurricanes' impact. The island enjoys a consistently warm and sunny climate throughout the year, with an average temperature of 81°F.

Dushi!That Girl Orange

Dushi Stays:

Coral Estate Luxury Resort
Coral Estate Luxury ResortCourtesy of Coral Estate

Dedicated to giving you the vacation of a lifetime, this resort, nestled within the Coral Estate premises, offers an array of amenities designed to enhance your stay. Indulge in unique dining options, explore the underwater wonders at the diving school, or rejuvenate at the spa.

Coral Estate courtyard
Coral Estate courtyardCourtesy of Coral Estate
Sandals Resort in Curaçao
Sandals Resort in CuraçaoCourtesy of Sandals Resort

If you seek an adults-only getaway, Sandals Resort in Curaçao is for you! Immerse yourself in the vibrant charm of Willemstad's colonial architecture, unwind on pristine beaches, and snorkel in crystal-clear turquoise waters. This all-inclusive resort allows you to Indulge in unlimited food, drinks, water sports, and world-class entertainment. You can also chill out, meet other adults, and enjoy cocktails at one of the many beach bars. Sorry, no kiddos allowed.

Dushi Art & Culture

Art in Curaçao reflects the vibrant and diverse cultural landscape of the island. Curaçao's art scene is rich and multifaceted, from traditional paintings to contemporary installations. The scenery is bold, bright, and colorful no matter where you go, and it resembles a walking art gallery. According to a story told by locals, in the early 1800s, the island governor had terrible headaches from the bright sun reflecting off all the white buildings. He believed that the intense reflections aggravated his condition, so he told people to paint the buildings in Willemstad in different colors instead of white. Some say the Governor owned a paint factory and made money from this rule. The outcome was lots of beautiful, colorful buildings all over the island.

Curaçao's Colorful houses
Curaçao's Colorful housesThat Girl Orange
Painted Stairway
Painted StairwayThat Girl Orange
Curaçao Street Mural
Curaçao Street MuralThat Girl Orange
Curaçao Street Mural
Curaçao Street MuralThat Girl Orange

Dushi Food:

The food in Curacaco is as colorful and diverse as the people, art, and landscape. One of the best areas to wine and dine is Willemstad. After you walk around and see the beautiful art, you can sit back and enjoy some delectable cuisine. Here are a few to check out during your visit:

The Blue Curacao:

Located in Willemstad, this restaurant offers a blend of local and international cuisine and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

Mediterranean-inspired cuisine
Mediterranean-inspired cuisineThat Girl Orange

Mosa Cana Restaurant:

Mosa Cana Restaurant offers Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a focus on seafood.

Gouverneur De Rouville:

Known for its elegant ambiance and waterfront location in Willemstad, Gouverneur De Rouville serves a mix of international and Caribbean dishes.

Dushi People

The Island also had its own 'It Girl,' a brand ambassador/experience curator. Her name is Tirzah, aka Tee, and everyone knows her! She is a great resource and full of life and stories. Her Instagram alone will make you book a flight.

Tirzah, aka Tee
Tirzah, aka TeeCourtesy of Tirzah

It's also great to take a little something back with you. We suggest taking back some high-vibrational wellness from Marerly "Elly" Sambo. Her personal story of self-healing encourages you to do the same. Elly is a microbiologist, herbalist, and co-founder of Universal Alchemist. She creates small-batch handcrafted products from herbs grown locally on the Island for her clients.

Marerly "Elly" Sambo
Marerly "Elly" SamboThat Girl Orange

Attending one of Elly's workshops was a memorable experience, where we shared stories, hugged, and let out our happy hormones. It was a great reminder to incorporate love, light, and laughter into our daily lives at home.

Happy Tincture
Happy TinctureThat Girl Orange
That Girl Orange
That Girl Orange
Curacao’s Colorful Tapestry
Journey to the Heart of Cabo San Lucas:

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