Swiffer Event with Sarah Michelle Gellar

Swiffer Event with Sarah Michelle Gellar

Resident had the pleasure of attending Swiffer's "Say Yes to the Mess" event last night at the Maman Bakery with Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. The initiative is to encourage everyone to embrace life's little messes, in an effort to help foster children's creativity and independence. We had a blast getting down and dirty with some serious baking and art projects – because with Swiffer you're able to get a thorough clean in minutes!

Actress, entrepreneur and mom of two, Sarah Michelle Gellar, spearheaded the effort by hosting a "Yes to the Mess" event today in New York City, which featured a bevy of untidy, but educational, activities that parents would usually say "no" to. From science projects to baking, local parents and their kids participated and delighted in the enriching, interactive and messy creation stations.

"I believe that while kids are born with a natural instinct towards creativity – it is still a skill that parents need to continually foster. My two kids work on fine and gross motor skills, math, science, vocabulary and more through baking, and their resulting smiles light up my day," said Gellar. "That's why I don't mind having to clean up the cake batter and crumbs on my floors afterwards. And with Swiffer, I can enjoy saying 'yes' more often because I am able to get a thorough clean in minutes while indulging my kids' sense of discovery and exploration. Not to mention I truly believe creativity is the road to invention."

Alongside Gellar at the event were several successful professionals representing a variety of industries, including Chef and Founder of The Creative Kitchen and Kids Food Festival, Cricket Azima, Tough Mudder's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Jesse Bull, and Robofun's Founder and CEO, Laura Allen. Each person shared their personal point of view on the positive benefits of mess-making.

"As a chef specializing in cooking for, and with, children, I give a kid an egg and step back. We make messes. We define mess," said Azima. "And as a parent, I know that sometimes it's just easier to say 'no' and avoid having to deal with clean up duty. But these moments open the door to such great learning opportunities, and with Swiffer you don't have to worry. You can say 'yes' to the mess and then get real clean, real fast!"

Parents are invited to share their own experience with @Swiffer using #YesToTheMess.

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