Marde Gras Tasting at The Grill Room

Marde Gras Tasting at The Grill Room

Resident had the pleasure of attending the delicious tasting of The Grill Room Restaurant at Quinn PR. They served amazing New Orleans food that was to die for. To learn more about the restaurant, visit their website: or reserve your table now by clicking HERE


Locally sourced ingredients. Innovation grounded firmly in a tradition of gracious hospitality. A sure touch—in the kitchen and at the table—that makes the pleasure of dining a perfect marriage of comfort and adventure.

It's an approach to the celebration of life and the enjoyment of food you can find only in the South. Only in New Orleans. Only in The Grill Room.

The grand, newly realized Grill Room is more than the impressive sum of its four shining Forbes stars and four sparkling AAA diamonds. More even than its long-acknowledged status as New Orleans' crown culinary jewel.

In a hotel distinguished by artistry of the highest order, you find the pinnacle of taste in a room that gratifies all your senses. The Grill Room.

ABOUT THE CHEF DE CUISINE: Daniel Causgrove (pictured above)

After graduating from St. Lawrence University with a degree in English and Environmental Studies, the Syracuse-native began working in kitchens, realizing that the combination of mental, physical and artistic qualities suited him nicely. He spent time honing his skills in French cuisine and fine dining in New York City restaurants such as Le Cirque and Café des Artistes.

Chef de Cuisine Daniel Causgrove brings inventive blend of Louisiana focused Southern cuisine and refined technique to The Grill Room at Windsor Court, the sole New Orleans restaurant to be awarded both Forbes four stars and AAA four diamonds. "Louisiana Creole and Cajun cooking is the only truly unique American cuisine," Causgrove says. "It is defined by a history of people across the spectrum of racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds eating from the same palette of local ingredients. A cuisine that evolved out of necessity and self reliance that became delicious and varied due to cultural diversity and richness of the folks who settled here. This has fascinated and inspired me throughout my career." Causgrove's style of cooking is to add a level of uniqueness and elegance to a dish, using fresh local ingredients, while staying rooted in Louisiana's unflinching focus on flavor.

Causgrove has been living and working in New Orleans since 2007. Previously, he honed his craft in New York City, working at venerated Manhattan institutions such as Le Cirque and Café des Artistes. Locally, he has worked at Cochon Restaurant and later as sous chef at La Petite Grocery. In September 2012, after accepting the position of executive chef at Dijon, he was named a 2013 Chef to Watch by Louisiana Cookin' magazine. At Windsor Court, Causgrove has been honored as an American Culinary Federation 2013 Best Chef of Louisiana, prepared a dinner entitled "New Orleans Mystique" at the James Beard House, and was a participant in the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival and Gambit Weekly's  2015 Emerging Chefs Challenge.

Causgrove grew up in Syracuse, New York.  In 2002, Causgrove earned a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and English from St. Lawrence University. This passion for literature and nature still informs his creative style. In his free time, Causgrove can be found tending his "permaculture" style garden, baking bread, riding and building bicycles, turning heads on the dance floor, and walking his rescued pit bull "Mona."

When asked how he ended up in New Orleans he says, "I visited a few times in '07 and fell in love with the beauty, mysticism and volatility of the place; it was inspiring, and those are things I've always been attracted to–that's probably also the reason I became a cook. It felt like home."

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