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The Swiss Ball was a wonderful evening that included fine dining, entertainment, dancing, and a silent auction. The Swiss Ball is held under the patronage of Ambassador André Schaller of the Consulate General of Switzerland of New York with their presenting sponsor being Rolex. This annual black tie even was nothing less than perfect.

It isn't a gala without a guest of honor! H.R. Giger was being honored at the 2018 Swiss Ball this year due to being the world's foremost artist of Fantastic Realism. He changed the way people looked at art and has had more than twenty books published about his art work. His most famous book, Necronomicon was published in 1977 and served as the visual inspiration for the film Alien. This movie earned him the 1980 Oscar for the Best Achievement in Visual Effects for his designs of the film's title character. Later in 1998, the H.R. Museum opened its door in the Chateau St. Germain. Being the home to many of his art works, this museum has the largest collection of Giger's paintings, sculptures, furniture, and film designs dating back to his earliest times all the way to present day. Hans Ruedi Giger passed away on May 12th, 2014; therefore, Carmen Giger attended the Swiss Ball on his behalf.

The Swiss Ball was very well decorated and prepared. Starting out with a cocktail reception that led to dinner and entertainment was the perfect way to honor such a brilliant artist. There was also a silent auction, which benefited the Swiss Society Fellowship. The Swiss Society of New York organized a fabulous night that everyone will remember forever.

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