Genny’s Orchid Blooms In Los Angeles

Genny’s Orchid Blooms In Los Angeles

In the 10-year anniversary of Sara Cavazza Facchini's creative direction, Genny's Orchid opens a new concept store in Los Angeles and celebrated the opening at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Genny celebrated its store opening located in Beverly Hills which marks a milestone in the brand's history in the US market. The intimate cocktail was held at the Penthouse 64 at Chateau Marmont. The soiree was lit by candles and with touches of whites as well as white orchids, which are the symbol of the brand. The event included a retrospective of the best designs and looks of the brand scattered throughout the penthouse. Attendance included (but not limited to): Jaden Smith, Jasmine Sanders, Kate Beckinsale, Camella Rose, Jarry Lee, Caroline Day Mia Moretti.

"The United States is our natural horizon. The city of Los Angeles is a context akin to the Genny brand as a Glamour identity and a constant desire for internationality," declares Sara Cavazza Facchini, who continues, "I felt the desire for a constant presence in California, a true Embassy of the Maison, capable of representing overseas the key concepts that give life to the world of Genny in order to bring me closer to the brand's many fans on the West Coast".

In this sense, what will see the light in Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, is a flagship store of about 250 square meters, with an important window of more than 25 mts, in which the Genny world sketched by Sara Cavazza Facchini in her ten years at the helm of the Maison is represented.  "It is a promise kept. The market in the States asked us to be present with a dedicated physical place that could express the full value of Genny.

Stepping through that door will mean immersing ourselves in our dimension, and this will bring new value to the Maison, which is growing with perseverance and determination," says Mathias Facchini, CEO of Genny. The store presents a sophisticated space with a romantic and enveloping spirit, designed following Genny's vocation of elegant essentiality. White, the Maison's beloved color, is the leitmotif that characterizes all the boutiques and enhances the sophistication of the clothes that turn out to be the undisputed protagonists.

Genny's garden has a new Californian extension in which to cultivate and make magnificent ideas blossom.


The brand has belonged to Swinger International Group of Verona since 2011, which has chosen a new direction for Genny's original style, focusing on aesthetics that feature flowing lines and a more feminine mood, achieved through painstaking attention to features and details. This transformation was made possible by Sara Cavazza Facchini, Artistic Director of the Maison since 2013, who has skillfully blended its heritage with a sense of timeless elegance, a genuine air of femininity and a contemporary mood achieved through the details.

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