Silencio New York: A New Haven for Creatives in the Heart of Manhattan

Manhattan's Latest Creative Sanctuary: Silencio New York Merges Parisian Chic with New York Glamour
DJ Joe Kay, Richie Akiva, Swizz Beatz
DJ Joe Kay, Richie Akiva, Swizz BeatzDavid X Prutting/

On the Western end of Billionaire’s Row, a new chapter in the world of exclusive members-only clubs is about to unfold with the opening of Silencio New York. Following the success of its Parisian counterpart, Silencio, co-founded by Arnaud Frisch and iconic filmmaker David Lynch, made its debut during NYFW, marking its fourth location worldwide. Positioned on West 57th Street, near the legendary Studio 54, Silencio New York promises to be a vibrant addition to the city's cultural landscape hidden behind a nondescript door, New York’s hottest spot awaits.

The Vision Behind Silencio

Arnaud Frisch, the mastermind behind Silencio Paris, has long harbored a dream of bringing the concept to New York City, a place he describes as "a vital part of my creative process." Over the years, Silencio Paris has evolved into more than just a members' club. It stands as a unique hybrid of nightclub, think-tank, and artistic laboratory, catering to the crème de la crème of Paris and now, New York's creative echelons.

Frisch's journey into the world of cultural innovation began in France, where, after an internship at the French Embassy in DC and attending ESSEC, he was commissioned in 1998 by the then Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, to organize the first Techno Parade in Paris. This event marked a pivotal moment in bringing techno music from the underground to the mainstream. In 1999, Frisch founded Savoir Faire, a musical production company that supported the creation of new music during the shift from analog to digital.

David X Prutting/

A Destination for Creatives

Silencio's expansion to New York is a testament to Frisch's enduring vision to create a sanctuary for creatives across all disciplines. With existing locations in Paris (2011), Silencio des Prés (2019), and El Silencio in Ibiza (2019), as well as pop-ups during major art and cultural events like Art Basel Miami and the Cannes Film Festival, Silencio has established itself as a laboratory for creation and distribution at the crossroads of today's cultural industries.

Design by Harry Nuriev

The design of Silencio New York is entrusted to the visionary Russian-born architect and designer Harry Nuriev, the founder of Crosby Studios. Known for his "honest design" philosophy, which merges high functionality with aesthetics, Nuriev brings a minimalist approach rooted in formalism and neo-plasticism to the new space. His work with brands such as Balenciaga, H&M, and COS highlights his ability to create spaces that are both visually stunning and deeply meaningful.

A New Era for New York's Nightlife

As Silencio New York prepares to open its doors, it promises to offer an unparalleled experience for its members, blending the rich cultural tapestry of New York with the artistic and innovative spirit of its Parisian roots. This new venture is not just an expansion but a declaration of Silencio's commitment to nurturing creativity and building communities of artists, thinkers, and innovators in one of the world's most dynamic cities.

David X Prutting/
DJ Joe Kay, Richie Akiva, Swizz Beatz
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