LaMar Wright: The Coutureman

LaMar Wright: The Coutureman

With advanced technologies and heightened consumer awareness, businesses must make innovative adjustments.  The lifestyle industry has always been an industry to stay ahead. From trends and consumer demands to the latest in transportation and getaway destinations, the lifestyle industry is forever changing.

The wave of Millennials, entrepreneurs, and corporations connecting has allowed boutique companies like The Coutureman Luxury Concierge to attract and expand into bigger business through bespoke craftsmanship, meeting the increased demand for the luxury lifestyle industry.

This concierge firm provides high net worth individuals, celebrity, corporate and royalty clientele with personalized, tailored experiences in fashion and beauty, domestic/international travel, private cultural and heritage enlightenment, and event conception and execution.

In 2015, the heartbeat of American fashion—New York City—felt considerable change: the CFDA's rebranding of New York Fashion Week, the dawning of a fashion week for men, the increasing amount of pop-up shops, and the saturated runway showcases held throughout the year in every borough.

Capitalizing on this change, The Coutureman and partner Dioduet Travel developed an incredible VIP experience during New York Fashion Week presentations and other related events, catering to private individuals and discerning groups (

When securing this experience, the associate team becomes an integral part of designing unique travel itineraries, high-end lodging, New York Fashion Week show access, VIP after-parties, curated personal shopping, artistry makeup, hair and wardrobe styling needs, dining engagements, and remarkable nightlife entertainment.

The Coutureman is among New York's well networked in luxury and exclusivity. The Coutureman is accessible 24/7 to provide hospitality and professional services, allowing the client freedom to truly enjoy access to a lifestyle of the "rich and famous."

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LaMar Wright, Founder,
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