Kacey Shana is a luxury waterwear brand that launched a new collection this past summer. The company started with two best friends who have a strong...

Kacey Shana is a luxury waterwear brand that launched a new collection this past summer. The company started with two best friends who have a strong connection to the ocean and all the activities that they can do nearby. Both Kacey Brosnan and Shana Biwald spent numerous summers on the coastal Long Beach Island. It was here that their love for all things water began, including beach yoga and surfing.

The young women came together to create a brand of versatile suits to fit their specific lifestyle. DzWe both grew up at the beach and were always so passionate about staying active. It was a natural progression for us to design a waterwear brand,dz states Kacey Brosnan and Shana Biwald. With a background in fashion from LIM and a career in public relations, these two were able to create a high -end brand that appeals to their unique lifestyles.

The company's initial collection of suits comes in 8 different styles and also contains a aquatic legging. DzWe have used our travels to create a waterwear lifestyle brand interconnected with the ocean, and your overall Each piece features on-trend silhouettes with mesh necklines, laser cut-outs and fun prints and colors. Besides the look of the bathing suits, they all have removable bra cups, tassels and adjustable straps to ensure the versati lity of the wearer. The fabric is both light and soft, therefore it feels like a second skin in or out of the water. The designs were inspired not on ly by places the duo has visited, such as The Hamptons and Montauk, but also famous islands like St. Barths and theMaldives. These stunning locations are the inspiration for their colors, prints and the overall aesthetic of the brand

The brand speaks to women who have an active lifestyle or just seeking adventure by the sea. DzOur inspiration comes from our personal lifestyles. As a surfer and yoga instructor, we created a line what we envisioned These women also hope to continue expand from the East to the West Coast and already have a following in Miami South Beach where they have a pop up shop in the Confidante Hotel. They have also collaborated with handbag designers in Manhattan. This summer, the two will spend time in the Hampton's as well as Sag Harbour. Here, they plan to host a plethora of events, like beach yoga to create more buzz for the company and demonstrate its versatility from active to leisure wear on the beach. The products can currently be bought on their website Each suit costs $78-$108, per piece, depending on the style. Since these suits can be worn in different scenarios, they are worth every penny.

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