Top 5 Tips For Guest Outfits : City Wedding

Top 5 Tips For Guest Outfits : City Wedding

Top 5 Tips For Guest Outfits

Looking for Top 5 Tips For Guest Outfits, you are on the right place. you've been invited to a city wedding and you've happily accepted. Now the panic sets in- what will you wear? Planning a wedding outfit as a guest can take as much preparation as the wedding itself.

It helps if you know how to dress for a city wedding. City Weddings are full of glamor, chic, and romance so you'll need an outfit that fits in well with the theme. Take a look on exclusive Top 5 Tips For Guest Outfits for pulling the perfection together, no matter how much time you've got.

1-Pay Attention To The Dress Code

The to-be-wed couple may have already given you some hints when it comes to their wedding theme. Some couples put a dress code on their invitation to make it easier for guests. If not, take a long look at the wedding invitation.

Invitations are often tied into the wedding colors and themes so it should give you some hints for what's ahead. Is the invite more black tie than cocktail evening? If the couple has a wedding website, there may be pictures that can give you clues too.

2-Black Tie

If you're heading to a city wedding, a black tie outfit will never do you wrong. Floor length dresses and tailored suits are ideal for both ceremony and reception events. If the wedding is on a cold day, you may need suit coats too. There's a great selection of Oxford suits to choose from for any occasion.

Even if the couple has given strict instructions for guests to be in black tie for the wedding, it doesn't mean you can't get creative. Pair a long line dress with twisted hoop earrings and a shimmering shoulder bag.

3-Choosing Your Footwear

There's no denying that city weddings are often one big party. If you're dancing your way through the day, you'll want comfortable footwear. Whether it's heels or flats, it's important to bear in mind that you could be doing some walking too.

You may need to get public transport to the wedding in the morning and you could be following the happy couple through the city for the perfect photo opportunities for their wedding album. 

4-Clean Simple Lines

When in doubt, opt for clean and simple lines. A sleek slip on dress is ideal for an occasion like this or a silk pencil skirt that you can pair with a polka dot top and statement accessories. This is a great alternative to formal dresses when you want to make sure you don't turn up in the same outfit as another guest.

5-Avoid Florals

Florals fit right at home in countryside weddings but they don't belong in the city. The risk of wearing a floral dress to a city wedding is that it will look like every other casual dress on the high street. A city wedding guest outfit gives you the chance to up your game, even if just for the day.

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