5 Big Trend Takeaways from Milan Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2024 Shows

A Recap of the Top Trends from Milan Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2024 Shows
MissoniCharles L. Barnes

As LA Fashion Week rolls in, we’re still reeling over Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 collections. From bold colors to futuristic fabrics, here is a wrap-up of some top trends straight from the runway.

BennettonCharles L. Barnes

1. Bold colors

Runways dazzled in vibrant shades of oranges, blues, and yellows. Designs embodied warmer seasons and climates in the form of bright bags, mini dresses, and summery beach wear. Benetton kept colors fresh and retro, while Missoni used intricate patterns to capture the eye and turn heads. Each design shaded the runway in a kaleidoscope of colors. 

2. Art-inspired 

With details resembling the stroke of a paintbrush, abstract patterns and prints filled the runaways. Loora Pwd by designer and owner Loora Wang made its Milan debut this year and decorated models with pieces that struck with femininity. Philip Plein felt fresh with the combination of streetwear and abstract design.  

3. Oversized silhouettes 

Oversized clothing continues to steer the course and evolve. Exaggerated lengths mixed with loose silhouettes to the frame create a balance of structure and comfort. Oversized jackets on maxi skirts and large T-shirts were sent down many runways this season, though each carried a different aura.

4. Futuristic look and feel

Several collections held an otherwordly presence this Spring/Summer 2024. As if the models had stepped in from another dimension, and they shone. Pieces appeared tangible with bulky textures or truly captured the shimmer of silver and gold. The futuristic elements added a sense of modernity and innovation.

5. Sheer fabrics

Translucent blouses and dresses created feminine allure throughout several collections. Philosophy stunned viewers with floral and romantic fabrics while Calcaterra kept with the baggy-chic feel. These looks encaptured what it means to make a statement while maintaining a sense of sleek elegance.

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