Fear of God Athletics: The 2023-2024 Season Launches in NYC

Discover the Collection: Fear of God Athletics, The 2023-2024 Season
Fear of God Athletics 2023 - 2024 Season
Fear of God Athletics 2023 - 2024 Season

“The house is built to mirror the very nature and design of the highest being, where there is both unity and diversity in the trinity. The simplicity and complexity of ‘three in one’ reflects the heart and intention of the Fear of God house and our products. Fear of God, ESSENTIALS and Athletics, three pillars in one,” explains acclaimed designer Jerry Lorenzo regarding the new release of his Fear of God’s Athletics line. The collection debuted in New York City to a select invited audience on December 2, 2023 at a limited atmospheric popup in a Brooklyn warehouse location, following the success of its similar well-received Los Angeles experience debut at the end of November.

Fear of God Athletics Season 2023-2024
Fear of God Athletics Season 2023-2024

The New York City immersive experience is also open to the public from December 3 through December 6, inviting guests to discover the collection up close and indulge in the scenic film and score showing the campaign imagery. Featuring bare lofted ceilings, archaic-feeling stone pillars, various immersive campaign videos with ambient music, and a tastefully stylish crowd, the Atmosphere experience perfectly encapsulates the feel of adventure and dreamy scenery that the line draws its inspirations from.

Fear of God Athletics Season 2023-2024
Fear of God Athletics Season 2023-2024

Fear of God Athletics builds upon the house’s beloved signatures of luxuriously thick textiles, spacious yet flattering cuts, unisex appeal, and decadent neutral color palettes. Echoing natural landscapes of mist, stone, and sand, a base of beige, cream, black, and muted sage tones leaves room to highlight Lorenzo’s impeccable attention to detail. Banded hems, sensual fabrics, extended mock necks, and raised rubberized logo embellishments speak to Fear of God’s typical high-quality design choices that make the brand so appealing to its cult following – its ESSENTIALS line often sells out each highly anticipated new release of its iconic garments, and the Fear of God main branch has long been a “quiet luxury” staple for the most discerning fashion lover’s everyday wardrobe since its establishment in 2013 by Lorenzo.

Fear of God Athletics Season 2023-2024
Fear of God Athletics Season 2023-2024

The new premier Athletics line is meticulously built and engineered by trusted sportswear giant Adidas and “completes the brand architecture of Fear of God” in its trilogy of design stories for a wide range of consumers. Tailored to exploration and discovery, Fear of God Athletics presents a fresh range of options for the Fear of God fan that speak to unique luxury sportswear elevated above its more basic ESSENTIALS offering, yet still suited for outfitting a more active adventure.

Athleisure as daily wear has taken even the fashion world by storm since loungewear rose to overwhelming prominence during world lockdowns in 2020, and the trend is certainly here to stay. Refined and stylish audiences are continually searching for more dignified takes on athletic clothing as daily wear from the houses we love, combining comfort and performance with designer details. As more fashion houses cater to this intersection of an evolving growing taste for athleisure, we see the resulting rise of well-rounded brands with an offering fit for every occasion for their consumers.

Fear of God leads in the industry in this aspect, with its distinct and discernable brand identity now built seamlessly into luxury, basics, and technical wear through an all-encompassing trinity of pillars. From accessories to footwear to outerwear, Jerry Lorenzo has mastered the art of a cohesive vision, bringing consumers fully into his world from head to toe. Fear of God Athletics completes this vision to round out Lorenzo’s trilogy with its debut, and is available to shop online alongside a presentation of this first 2023-2024 season’s campaign from December 3.


Brand: Fear of God Athletics, 2023-2024 Season @fearofgodathletics

Writer: Laur Weeks @laur.weeks

PR: Lucien Pagès Communication @lucienpagescommunication

Date: December 2, 2023 

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