Interested in Starting Your Luxury Wardrobe? Start With Eyewear First

Elevate Your Fashion Game with Timeless Designer Eyewear as Your First Luxury Statement Piece
Interested in Starting Your Luxury Wardrobe? Start With Eyewear First

All fashionistas get to a certain point in their style journey where chasing fast-fashion trends doesn't quite cut it anymore. You start valuing quality and craftsmanship over being on-trend, and luxury clothing no longer feels like a pointless splurge but a wise investment. If you've arrived at this point and don't really know where to start, you've come to the right place.

When it comes to elevating your style, you can dive right in and cop cohesive looks from high-quality brands. Fear of God Athletics, for one, just dropped a new line of iconic garments made with their signature thick fabrics and a decadent neutral color palette. Or, for the more discerning spender, designer eyewear can be the way to go.

Due to the more accessible price point, high-end eyewear is typically a consumer's first designer purchase. So, if you're ready to dip your toes into the world of luxury fashion by starting with designer eyewear, here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

Tips for starting your luxury wardrobe with designer eyewear

Take style inspiration from your favorite celebrities

Before plunging into designer eyewear, identify silhouettes and styles that echo your personal tastes. The easiest way to do this is by taking inspiration from your favorite style icon. Trendsetters like Bella Hadid are always at the forefront of fashion cycles, and it's easier to emulate styling eyewear from a seasoned fashionista than trying it out on your own. Take the recent librarian-style glasses craze Hadid's hopped on. If it's a shape that appeals to you, try the gradient RB5169 frames by Ray-Ban, which are reminiscent of the prescription glasses Hadid's been spotted wearing. Observing classic, avant-garde, or sporty designs on other people will help you refine your taste and select eyewear that complements your overall aesthetic.

Focus on quality pieces

Unlike mass-manufactured accessories, designer eyewear is renowned for its premium materials and craftsmanship. Commonly used high-quality materials are acetate, titanium, or stainless steel for durability and comfort. Despite Eyebuydirect's reputation as the go-to place for affordable eyewear, they actually also carry premium glasses brands, including well-known labels like Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Vogue Eyewear. To start your luxury collection, we recommend classics like Ray-Ban's Wayfarers. This ubiquitous look transcends trends with its sleek square lenses and full-rim frame. For those partial to rounder frames, Oakley's Reedmaces have a striking oval face front to ensure maximum visibility. By focusing on premium quality pieces, you can guarantee that your glasses will stand the test of time.

Hunt for vintage items at secondhand shops

There's something to be said about the excitement that comes with finding treasures hidden in the depths of a secondhand shop. The enticing combination of saving money, sustainability, and scoring one-of-a-kind thrifted pieces is hard to beat. One downside, however, is that you can't really be sure of an item's authenticity, especially if it's a popular style that's often counterfeited– a fact that's true for Versace's Medusa Biggie Sunglasses and Ray-Ban's Aviators. Fortunately, there are now reputable online stores that sell vintage glasses brands like Chanel, Dior, and Versace. Vogue-approved platforms include Depop, Vestiare Collective, and TheRealReal. Instagram is also home to Hadid's favorite vintage store, Treasures of NYC, where vintage sunglasses have become a page staple.

Remember, the key to a well-rounded luxury wardrobe is a thoughtful curation of eyewear that aligns with your individual style and enhances your overall fashion statement. So, the next time you find yourself seeking a new pair of luxury glasses to add to your collection, bring this guide along on your shopping trip!

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Interested in Starting Your Luxury Wardrobe? Start With Eyewear First
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