Kross Studio Celebrates Year of the Dragon with New Collector Sets Inspired by Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon Series

Created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, each unique set offers a central floating tourbillon watch and dragon egg functional sculpture.
Created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery
Created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Kross Studio
Game of Thrones KROSS X STUDIO
Game of Thrones KROSS X STUDIO
Game of Thrones x Kross Studio
Game of Thrones x Kross StudioGustavo Kuri

In an epic fusion of fantasy and Haute Horlogerie, Kross Studio proudly unveils new Collector Sets inspired by the awe-inspiring dragons of the renowned 'Game of Thrones' and 'House of the Dragon' series, ahead of the show’s second season premiere this summer. Building upon the success of the initial five House of the Dragon sets released in 2023, Kross Studio reveals a second series inspired by five additional dragons Syrax, Caraxes, Meleys, Vhagar, and Vermax. These formidable dragons join Drogon, Rhaegal, Viserion, and Balerion to complete Kross Studio’s series of ten unique and exclusive pieces, allowing fans to fully immerse themselves in the mythical realm of Westeros like never before.

Game of Thrones x Kross Studio
Game of Thrones x Kross StudioKross Studio

"I am delighted to unveil new pieces inspired by the dragons of the series 'Game of Thrones' and its prequel 'House of the Dragon', celebrating these mythical creatures and what they represent. Each Collector Set is an unexpected creation, meticulously crafted, boldly blending watchmaking with the mysteries of the dragons of Westeros,” says Marco Tedeschi, Founder and Creative Director of Kross Studio.

The ultimate Targaryen-inspired timepiece

Both the dragons and their Targaryen masters have inspired Tedeschi’s Collector Set creations. The watch seamlessly merges technical prowess with fantastical elements. Meticulously crafted with all the precision and elegance that a member of this legendary family would rightly demand in a bespoke commission, each of its details exudes precision and elegance. The resulting timepieces exhibit a masterful fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design that truly captures the essence of the Targaryen lineage.

KS 7'005 Caliber

Each Game of Thrones Central Floating Tourbillon is equipped with the KS 7’005 caliber, a manual-winding patented floating central tourbillon designed, crafted, and assembled in the Kross Studio workshops. The movement’s fundamental characteristic is its centricity. Its main functions—energy accumulation, regulation, display, and winding—are concentric and co-axial, and take place at the very heart of the watch. Therefore, the barrel and the regulator, which features the largest possible radius, occupies the entire main plate, generating a power reserve of 120 hours with exceptional chronometric performance. This remarkable complication is a testament to the master artisans at Kross Studio Manufacture, whose unsurpassed horological expertise is on full display.

Floating in the skies

Central Floating Tourbillon
Central Floating TourbillonKross Studio

The tourbillon cage of the manual-winding patented floating central tourbillon is a visual marvel, marking a patented, world-first achievement. Like a dragon gliding across the heavens looking down from above, the floating central tourbillon’s suspension just below the sapphire crystal dome offers a breathtaking view of the inner workings of the movement beneath it. With the tourbillon and its fixed second wheel levitating above the movement and hands, the construction provides a never-before-seen perspective into the mesmerizing mechanics of the tourbillon. This innovative design feature offers the opportunity to fully admire this horological masterpiece from every angle.

Reading the time

Planetary Gear System that orbits around the tourbillon
Planetary Gear System that orbits around the tourbillonKross Studio

The hours and minutes are displayed in a unique peripheral format made possible by a planetary gear system that orbits 360° around the tourbillon. A 12-factor gear ratio allows the planetary system to empower the progression of the hours. Adding to this innovation, the hour-and-minute display system is fixed on two broad, high-precision ball bearings designed to optimize the movement's efficiency as much as possible.

Valyrian Steel

Damasteel® Dial
Damasteel® DialKross Studio

The watch’s design synthesizes key elements of the fantasy series and its renowned dragons, such as its dial, made of Damasteel®. Reminiscent of Valyrian steel, fans will recognize its striated, undulating appearance made up of multiple dark and shimmering layers. The Damascus steel used in the Dragon Central Tourbillon dial is crafted by Damasteel, the same foundry that forged the metal used in the HBO series’ swords.

“Dreams didn't make us kings. Dragons did” - Daemon Targaryen

The Targaryen House sigil, depicting a three-headed dragon breathing flamesHand-engraved in the center of the titanium watch case back
The Targaryen House sigil, depicting a three-headed dragon breathing flamesHand-engraved in the center of the titanium watch case backGustavo Kuri

The ergonomic, grade 5 titanium or 18-carat red gold watch case imitates the scales of a dragon through intricate three-dimensional engraving. Furthermore, the Targaryen House sigil, depicting a three-headed dragon breathing flames, is also hand-engraved in the center of the titanium watch case back. Each case back is uniquely identified by the name of the singular dragon that inspired the collector's set, with only one set dedicated to a single dragon.

“There will be dragons.”

An inextricable, transcendent bond links the Targaryen house prestige and its dragons across ages, myth, and memory. As a symbol for the Targaryens and the people of Westeros, dragons embody the ultimate power and loyalty and inspire awe and fascination. Kross Studio looked to these fearsome creatures’ origins, their eggs, to inspire the collector sets’ unique functional sculptures.

Dragon Egg Functional Sculpture Cases
Dragon Egg Functional Sculpture CasesDesigned by Marco Tedeschi, produced by Leblon Delienne

The Dragon Egg Functional Sculpture, designed by Marco Tedeschi, is produced in collaboration with the French workshop Leblon Delienne, long renowned for its incomparable expertise in crafting pop sculptures.

Airbrushed Dragon Egg
Airbrushed Dragon EggKross Studio

The design was carefully planned down to the smallest detail, inside and out. The outer shape of the eggs was created using a 3D scan of the TV show props. Each resin Dragon Egg has been painstakingly airbrushed and hand-painted to create a unique finish that is wholly individual, inspired by a single dragon.

The egg opens to serve as a nest for the Game of Thrones Central Floating Tourbillon or any timepiece of choice, which can be placed on an interior cushion supported by two towers. These miniature towers were inspired by the design of Dragonstone Castle, the ancestral seat of House Targaryen. The base of the stand features seven slots, one for each of the saga’s seven kingdoms.

 Interior watch cushion supported by two towers inspired by the ancestral seat of House Targaryen
Interior watch cushion supported by two towers inspired by the ancestral seat of House TargaryenKross Studio

These Game of Thrones Collector Set embody the essence of Kross Studio in unique blend of immersive fantasy, skilled execution, and horological vision. The watch complication is contemporary, seamlessly blending form and function in a universe that captivates the imagination, providing enthusiasts with a unique immersion into the heart of Westeros.

Kross Studio Game of Thrones House of the Dragon Collector Sets (from CHF 108’000) will be available for individual sale at or through official partners and select authorized retailers.

Game of Thrones x Kross Studio
Game of Thrones x Kross StudioGustavo Kuri

All episodes of “Game of Thrones” and “House of the Dragon” are available to stream on HBO Max and 4K Ultra HD digital purchase.


Founded in 2020 by Marco Tedeschi, Kross Studio creates contemporary complication watches, seamlessly blending form with function, all the while respecting the fundamental codes of watchmaking. The creations go beyond the simple measurement of time. At the center of universes or collaborations that convey emotions, revive memories, and captivate the imagination, Kross Studio is the true embodiment of the concept of Functional Art. With complete control over design and production in its Manufacture in Switzerland, we unleash creativity without constraints, crafting exceptional watches that defy convention, done to the highest standards of Haute Horlogerie. When collaborating with industry giants like Warner Bros. Discovery, HBO, DC Comics, Hasbro, and Lucasfilm, Kross Studio puts entertainment and pop culture iconic elements at the heart of their designs. These exclusive creations are complemented by a Functional Art piece and form highly sought after Collector Sets. Imagination even extends beyond watches to include remarkable accessories such as table clocks, rotating cases, and travel cases, all crafted with the same dedication. Kross Studio invites you to explore a world where timekeeping transcends the ordinary, narrating stories of innovation and the seamless fusion of art and functionality.

Kross Studio’s products are available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons (UAE), Al Majed (Qatar), Berger and Emwa (Mexico), Chronopassion (France), Europe Watch (Hong Kong & Macau), Pisa (Italy), Sonraj (Pakistan), Swiss Prestige (Taiwan), Watches of Switzerland (UK & USA), and on kross-

Game of Thrones x Kross Studio
Game of Thrones x Kross StudioGustavo Kuri

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