Paris Laundry & Larissa De Jesus Negron Launch Joint Art & Fashion Collection

Art Meets Streetwear: Paris Laundry and Larissa De Jesús Negrón Unveil Exclusive Collection at The Webster for FRIEZE L.A.
Paris Laundry designer Guy Samuel and artist Larissa de Jesús Negrón at the collaborative pop-up in LA during FRIEZE art fair.
Paris Laundry designer Guy Samuel and artist Larissa de Jesús Negrón at the collaborative pop-up in LA during FRIEZE art fair.Courtesy of PR.

Luxury brand Paris Laundry, the NYC-based menswear brand known for its upscale minimal streetwear and graphic looks, collaborates with Queens artist Larissa De Jesús Negrón on a new line presented exclusively at the Webster during the FRIEZE Los Angeles art fair event. The line merges the artist’s signature introspective work with Paris Laundry’s trademark graphic designs on minimal workwear-inspired silhouettes for a wearable collection built for the multidisciplinary creative.


Paris Laundry, a luxury menswear fashion brand based in New York City and loved by influencing streetwear musical artists such as ASAP Rocky and Future, announces a special pop-up retail activation at The Webster in Los Angeles. The pop-up event will showcase their exclusive collaboration with acclaimed multidisciplinary artist Larissa de Jesús Negrón, a creative based in Queens who incorporates lived experiences and traumas into her fine art work for poignant pieces that strike a chord. The pop-up event took place from February 29th to March 3rd, aligning with the prestigious FRIEZE Los Angeles Art Fair. FRIEZE has been noted as a boundary-breaking event and is widely attended by both art lovers and artists alike for its displays, and is recognized in the industry as one of the first art fairs to implement practices like commissioning works from artists and holding artist talks during the fair to engage with their audiences. 

As a fine artist venturing into design, it’s exciting to see a collection reflect snippets of the iconography I’ve developed in painting throughout the years,” Larissa De Jesús Negrón notes. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to create something beautifully unique next to Guy Samuel,” who is the founder and creative lead of the Paris Laundry brand. 

The artist and creative director have a surprising amount in common that build up to this perfect partnership: both hailing from Forest Hills in New York, and both employing tongue-in-cheek symbolism within their individual work to evoke a reaction. Guy explains, “I have always wanted to work with artists to collaborate on bigger projects, Larissa being at the top of that list. Both Larissa and I are from Forest Hills, NY so it was cool to connect both our different cultures, from the same home, and mix my street style with her style of art, to create one artistic vision. Our instant connection helped us create a collection that was completely unique and inspiring.” 

The collaborative collection looks to bring a fusion of high-end New York fashion and captivating fine art to the heart of Los Angeles and the FRIEZE art fair, for creative wearers in any locale. Pop-up visitors during the exclusive event with the Webster experienced a delightful shopping experience that seamlessly combined Paris Laundry's signature sophisticated yet street-worthy designs blended innately with the provocative artistic vision of Larissa de Jesús Negrón. Shoppable styles from the collection include approachable yet uniquely fashionable tees, jeans, jackets, pants and shirts featuring art from Larissa, which will have everyone asking, “where did you get that?” Prices are within the usual range of Paris Laundry’s own lines, from $200-$1200. 

If you are one to celebrate creativity, style, and the magic of an artistic partnership, the Paris Laundry and Larissa de Jesús Negrón collaboration will certainly pique your interest and serve as a welcome artistic all-seasonal add for your wardrobe. Following the pop-up, the collection is now exclusively available at The Webster and Paris Laundry stores and websites in limited quantity. 


Paris Laundry is a menswear brand based in New York that derives its name from the fashion cycle driven by the world's fashion capitals who draw inspiration from various cultures. Paris Laundry places a strong emphasis on ethical practices; all fabrics used in their collections are sourced sustainably from mills located in Italy, Portugal, Japan, and the US. Notably, artists such as Future, Lil Baby, and Offset have been spotted wearing Paris Laundry apparel. 


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Larissa came to NY at 19 years old to earn a degree in studio arts. This multidisciplinary artist is processing her life through the essential power of storytelling, and both her practice and personal life are driven by deep introspection rooted in self-discovery. In her recent work, finding presence through artmaking has been her top priority, as exploring and experimenting through materials keeps her curious for more. She allows herself to embrace change throughout her diverse use of materials and conceptual thinking – this therapeutic process allows her to form a spiritual relationship with her work that helps discover new ways to talk about profound existential issues in her mind. The stylistically varied imagery in her art is linked to the artist’s curiosity about the subconscious mind, similar to what surrealists explored in the late 1910s and early 1920s. With no previous sketching and little to no planning, in each piece she implements automatism to access life’s more humorous or painful moments, with learned truisms and symbolic memories stemming from her upbringing in Puerto Rico.


Writer: Laur Weeks @laur.weeks

Designer: Paris Laundry @parislndry

Artist: Larissa de Jesús Negrón @ldjnegron

PR: Purple PR @purplepr

Photography courtesy of PR.

Paris Laundry designer Guy Samuel and artist Larissa de Jesús Negrón at the collaborative pop-up in LA during FRIEZE art fair.
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