Harriette Rose Katz and The Chosen Few

Anthony Taccetta, Harriette Rose Katz==
Anthony Taccetta, Harriette Rose Katz==
Anthony Taccetta, Harriette Rose Katz==<br />Harriette Rose Katz Hosts The Chosen Few First Anniversary &amp; Induction Ceremony==<br />Le Cirque, New York==<br />June 18, 2015==<br />©Patrick McMullan==<br />Photo – Sean Zanni/PatrickMcMullan.com==<br />==
Anthony Taccetta, Harriette Rose Katz==
Harriette Rose Katz Hosts The Chosen Few First Anniversary & Induction Ceremony==
Le Cirque, New York==
June 18, 2015==
©Patrick McMullan==
Photo – Sean Zanni/PatrickMcMullan.com==

"The Number One Wedding Planner in Manhattan"

Legendary event planner Harriette Rose Katz is the founder of both The Chosen Few, a luxury services collective for event professionals and Gourmet Advisory Services. Harriette has been one of the country's leading wedding and event planners for over 30 years, and is known within the industry as a trendsetter; the term "event planner" was practically coined for her. She was named the "Number One Wedding Planner in Manhattan" by New York Metro and has been quoted as an industry expert in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Modern Bride, InStyle, People, New York Daily News, and New York Post. "Because I've been in business so long, I know everybody in my field. I love what I do," she says.

Michelin Stars of Their Own

Not one to rest on her laurels, Harriette took her passion for design and the culinary arts to create The Chosen Few, a new force in the event planning world. This talented group of professionals is dedicated to executing the highest quality events, from the invitations, flowers, food, and décor to the lighting, music, photographs and more. Under Harriette's magic touch, her team brings experience and passion to their work through creativity, integrity, and excellence in everything they do.

"We work in a very unregulated industry. There's no one to say who's the best of the best, the way Michelin Stars rate restaurants," says Harriette. "The Chosen Few is a sign of distinction. It is a very new idea. No one has ever done this before in the event industry."

The Chosen Few is currently made up of 22 members who were tapped after extensive vetting by Katz and her team. Among the exclusive members are Abigail Kirsch, Stephen Starr Events, Diana Gould LTD, DeJuan Stroud, Creative Edge Parties, Michael Scott Events, Frank Alexander NYC, Stonekelly Events, Total Entertainment, Untouchable Events, Stamford Tent & Event Services, Alpine Creative Group, Fancy That, Frost Productions, Element Music, Michael Jurick, and Starr Tent. "Reputation is everything, which is why we vet the candidates so thoroughly," says Harriette. "It takes years to build a reputation. It takes minutes to break it."

Conquering South Florida in 2016

The Chosen Few recently celebrated its first anniversary, where five new members were welcomed to the elite society, including the innovative event company Anthony Taccetta Event Design, Hart Pictures, Natural Expressions NY, Generation Events, and Pat Glenn Productions' P&G Floral. At the celebration, Harriette thanked her daughter, Melissa Rosenbloom, nieces Claudia Warner and Trisha Stern, and her Gourmet Advisory team for being by her side. Katz is planning on expanding the organization into South Florida in 2016. "I think there is a need for The Chosen Few in other cities," states Harriette. "I love our members and The Chosen Few is an idea whose time has come."
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